Discussion on the development of county forums and activities under the nternet

today, the development of the local forum has attracted more and more attention to the webmaster friends, medium city portal forum has almost been a prophetic vision of the webmaster divvy up, leaving us the honest webmaster only relatively lack of population and economy in some places the forum. However, if you do a county forum, the webmaster’s growth and income are pretty good.

The forum I am dealing with is called Qiandao Lake forum, and Qiandao Lake is a very beautiful place. It belongs to the Chunan County of Zhejiang province. Generally speaking, Hangzhou is called Qiandao Lake. The total population of Chunan county is only 450 thousand. As a result of the migration caused by the Xin’An River dam, the economy of Chunan county has lagged behind, and it is the worst County in the Hangzhou area. Perhaps 450 thousand of the population has access to the Internet, perhaps less than 50 thousand. The biggest difficulty in developing the county forum is to raise the number of members. Because the population base is small, unlike in large places, a little publicity, there are tens of thousands of people registered to become members of the site. In cities where the population and the economy are underdeveloped, sometimes you spend a lot of time and money on propaganda, and the results are often unsatisfactory. In the propaganda, many people are looking at you strangely, and some people ask, "do you want to spend money on the forum? It will really make you dizzy."……

Qiandao Lake forum was founded in January this year, currently registered members of more than 1900 people, the average number of online more than 300 people. As can be seen from this set of data, the county forum is very high degree of adhesion. Unlike some websites, there are tens of thousands of registered people, but the number of people online is less than 100., because users are very concentrated, easy to unite everyone, a topic that often attracts the attention of members. County forum because of small local, high concentration of personnel, so we must do well offline activities, so as to bring a long-term survival of the site. County forum has a fatal weakness is that the number of members, traffic is small, businesses will not take the initiative to find you advertising. Therefore, the profitability of Qiandao Lake forum is not the so-called Google Advertising, or Baidu alliance advertising.

everyone lives in a very small place, walking on the street, the chances of meeting each other are very, very big, I have always attached great importance to offline communication among members. I think the Qiandao Lake forum is just a platform, and this platform can not generate a lot of traffic, but this platform can make people living in the same city know each other, and enhance the feelings between people. Therefore, our forum often organizes some offline activities to promote the relationship between members, from the reality of virtual reality, from unfamiliar to familiar. Many members have made friends through offline activities, met their friends and even found life partners. Seeing these, as the founder of the forum, I am very happy.

, let me say something about the offline activities we’ve been carrying out for months.

1, white hole exploration. The event was launched by the site’s fellow landscape salon, with a total of 20 participants. The White Horse Cave is an untapped white horse Milky way with a hole of more than 10 miles


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