How to implement rapid marketing of small and medium enterprises

1, in the form of Q& and A, integrate articles and quickly build websites.

small and medium enterprises in the construction site, very little consideration of the site in the end what should be put. Basically everyone is the same – enterprise introduction, product center, success stories, industry information, news trends, expert advice, contact us, etc.. Open a few enterprise website, what we see is such content.

small and medium-sized enterprises in the website, many columns are fixed, such as enterprise introduction, contact us, etc., so the enterprise website need to update the content is concentrated in the news trends, industry information. When you fill in the content, all of the content is in these columns. The article number, does not affect the browsing experience, but with the more and more, you will find the page is very messy, open information page, all is the title, no classification, no key, it is easy to let your visitors into the ocean of information and no clue.

some enterprises, limited products, product related information is limited, the site inside the original article less, the majority is from Baidu search to the article, if repeated these articles, in addition to Baidu Google will punish your site outside, there is no real benefit to the viewer, because the viewer looks around the contents are similar.

therefore, as a small and medium-sized enterprise web site, and its collection of various articles published, it is better to put the existing articles in detail according to the requirements, to make Q& A form. Thus, the readability of the article is improved and the reading experience is improved. Later, if there are new problems to update, they only need to go to their own classification, the operation is clear and simple.

for those products limited, after-sale relatively simple enterprises, to Q&, A form of integration of articles, is the fastest way for enterprises to sell fast.

2, the website must match the customer service, customer service must be professional, professional must be quick.

enterprise site, such as opening the door, the door did not welcome what to do,


if the guest is not warm enough and considerate and neglects the guest, how can the guest be satisfied?

some business owners said, I did not have the financial resources dedicated to this person, well, you open a portable phone, and then put the total in the website is not difficult! Of course, whether you are on the phone or portable by special service reception, must be professional customers finally through the vast network found you want to consult experts, but was told to leave a contact after the experts will contact you; we like to repair mobile phone, told the repairman in, etc. to a master to help you repair the same — I want to change, who will then change the presence of a master (too easy on the network, the replacement of home).

nobody wants to wait. That’s the typical feature of online customer consulting. They all want to get the best comparison scheme in the first place (they will consult several).

3, regular release company news, >


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