How to use Baidu to do well in enterprise brand promotion

Baidu knows the role and effect of promotion is self-evident, based on the care of their own products, Baidu know content often in search results page has a good ranking advantage. The use of his advantage, if we firmly grasp the flow of the entrance, to enhance product exposure, visibility is very good help! But now through Baidu know before product promotion service seems not so easy, or is difficult to answer successfully submitted, or is the answer will not attract users attention (detail this point later), under the following share personal views on the issue of


normally, we do know that Baidu promotion is nothing more than the purpose, one is to improve the weight, it is inserted into the URL of the website in the answer, this approach can also direct effect to the drainage, relatively fast, but now Baidu know the audit mechanism more and more strict, it is difficult to successfully submitted with the URL of the answer; another is to enhance corporate brand exposure, said point is the popular name of company, the company’s brand, product name and other information, mixing a familiar with everyone! This long insist on doing it, the effect is very good, but mainly for the current "conditions"


also said that now it is difficult to insert. This practice in the answer, although its effect is very good, but the difficulty coefficient is too large, there is a certain risk, so under normal circumstances, I will not use this approach. From a long-term perspective, personal recommendations or to enhance corporate brand exposure for this purpose to do, Baidu know promotion.

after all, Baidu know is a search based on the interactive quizzes sharing platform to users of this platform mainly want to get the answer to solve the problem, so that we in the promotion of our own at the same time, the first to meet the basic needs of the user platform – to solve the problem of the user at the same time, the second is to solve others the problem of the corporate brand cleverly implanted into the information, but also give users the best and leave a deep impression.

maybe you think I can say it’s easy, but it’s not that simple. But in fact, the problem is really not as complex as you think, do the following two points on the basic OK,


1, problem specific


there are a lot of problems, you can according to the characteristics of their products and services to enterprises choose the user to answer the most issue of concern, if there is no such problem or the problem very few words on their own to question (how specific questions temporarily unknown chat), used to answer questions directly related to your choice of Baidu to promote the work of the direction, if you do not pick up some of your potential users concerned about the answer, even if the answer is again good, also in vain. This is believed that we all understand ~ when choosing questions, we should let go of our own horizons, just as we choose website keywords,


this is basically not a problem for everyone, OK?


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