He Tao new sites so that a large number of Baidu included premise

previously in my blog is also mentioned in the typical case that Baidu collected a friend read this article should be somewhat moved, looked at so many new sites will be included in a short period of time, it will also believe that web traffic is pretty high, more reflects the power of the long tail, in fact in the article I speak some of the premise, is to pass what kind of operation we will be included and so much is new, here I give you a summary:

is primarily a typesetting website itself, of course, this is the time to layout your design website should be taken into account, so the station layout skills is also a very clever use of the repeated calls of the title tag, including his artwork and layout program to reduce the user’s burden of reading to a great extent of course, also let the spider is very interested in the contents of his. That is to say, his method of design uses a pseudo original one that everyone is familiar with.


positioning, of course, especially when doing keyword positioning must pay attention to what you design the site title must have the user search volume, certainly not a high index of the word, that you do the title of the page to write, there are no advantages or rankings.


station first impression of the search engine, do stand, some friends just added a few articles and began his search engine submission, here I give you a suggestion, if you do determine the blog all columns, at least to add about 100 to submit such information can you take up again.

The number of

and another is your update, this is also a better friend to do, you have to really want to have that one month, tens of thousands of daily updates included, so you must keep at about 200, so some friends will ask, so I haven’t updated exhausted ah, even if the original is false I was tired enough, but you can make good use of page layout, you need to do is to change the title. Here I would like to point out is, if your station just a few pages, you don’t want to let the number of included more than the total number of pages you this is not realistic, but also has a lot of friends will have that mistake.

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