Talk about how to use the SNS community to promote portal sites


entered Web2.0, the SNS community website has sprung up like a spring mushroom. For a while, it became a very hot synonym for the direction of Internet development. Among them, the school network, happy net, classmate net everybody is familiar with the most popular 3 professional SNS community website, in fact, we can use them as a promotion platform to publicize their website. So why does SNS serve as a platform for the promotion of a large portal? We need to illustrate some of the basic features of the SNS community.

one, user interaction is very strong. The general web site is the direct communication between the visitor and the webmaster of the website, and there is little interaction between the visitors. And SNS is usually through your classmates, friends, colleagues through mutual invitation to join, will not be like the general web site that is a stranger. Now everyone is the relationship between classmates and friends, colleagues, very understanding of each other, when there is a new topic of discussion, everyone is very easy, the kind of atmosphere between acquaintances is active.

two, the function of gathering information. I believe we played on campus sites such that operation of any one of your friends, you can display in with the new, for example, he published or reproduced in the article, with a new personal signature etc.. Is now you don’t need to go to someone else’s home page, you can put all the friends of the dynamics.

three, the spread of the spread of very fast, and even to geometric growth. If a good promotion, in combination with a huge group of friends, like the school you have 100 friends, your friends also have 100 friends, then your home page with a new article, how many people can see ah?. Oh, of course, there is a conversion rate here, 100 friends can not be reproduced or collected, but the speed is still very fast, and can play a good role in publicity.

combined with what I do now "beauty therapy network", has adopted some SNS community website for some early promotion, achieved certain effect, hope to use this method of webmaster can exchange. If you have better suggestions, you can also tell us, for your comments and suggestions, we are very grateful.

although writing is not good, but I hope this article on the use of SNS community promotion website method to your website help! An optimization webmaster group: 61842653, hope to get master’s advice. Wrong place, shoot two bricks, do not scold just fine. My website small AD, I hope you don’t mind, thank you very much! The original, reproduced please indicate the source! Here strong despise theft of the people, the most hateful is the copyright to his own]


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