Seven steps for small and medium station business planning


wrote, I made a statement that I was not a successful station owner, but only a small successful experience. This article is just my little diary, because it might be clearer to analyze myself as an onlooker.

there are two people down there, I agree with

1: Ma Yun: hit a strong opponent, I think you should do is not to challenge it, but to make up for it.

2, Pang Shengdong: the Internet does not exist any blue ocean, the so-called different and differentiated, are temporary, phased and unstable, and can achieve success in the Red Sea is really successful

1, webmaster entrepreneurship first step: self analysis, positioning

choose your familiar industry, for example, you are familiar with IDC, you do IDC. You’re sensitive to music and you’re a music station.

from business, not to do the trend, don’t always take the time to think of a very creative website. We have to do, already have mature market, can make money immediately.

two, Adsense start second step: Sir deposit, don’t look down on small money

A few days ago

also wrote an article that many webmaster said not to earn money, in fact, the forum to buy links, many customized website. Can only prove that many of our owners despise these small money. The same is true. I’m a friend of programming. He doesn’t do anything right now, and he doesn’t do anything. I recommend custom website business to him, he says, individual client does not want to answer, build a website to be short of money, again troublesome.

actually, if your website earns 1.5 yuan a day, it’s amazing. What does 1.5 yuan mean? You can eat a steamed bun at a meal, and you won’t starve to death. Can you sustain life? You say $1.5 is important,


two, Adsense start two steps: operation

now you do website company? And peers than they do very early, strong? Here we must use Ma said: with a strong opponent, I think you should do is not to challenge it, but to make up for it.

really, no matter which website, which enterprise will have the problem, found his website the question to make up for him this question.

example: I wrote "I sold 600 customers to a network company owners" have I wrote, which is because the small success to compensate for the lack of an Internet company, and made small achievements.

example two: Pang Shengdong’s is to make up for Tencent’s QQ space.

three, Adsense third steps: firm belief,

your website may be operating for months or years, or no money is? You may now have a music station, now you feel the music stand too much, to change the web site, but the site more. Imagine…


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