Webmaster experience how does my website earn 70 thousand per month

in here and I like the hard pioneer webmasters to share my personal experience, hope to more webmaster and I like to find the rapid development of website profit pattern, out of individual stationmaster lonely and miserable quagmire of entrepreneurship.

I do this industry website for a long time, about 5 years ago, has not found a reasonable business model, I do website service industry is very narrow (please allow me not to say that I did so as not to be copied, mode), traffic is not large, now every day is less than 1000. IP visit my website service industry customers, they need to offer the information industry transactions in a timely manner, but the people in this industry are very traditional, on the Internet site is charmed, but they seldom go online, this is their particularity, they are generally the traditional sales * * * * boss, many bosses have their computer however, almost all the unskilled, only simple mail, simple landing, reading and publishing operations.

in site development at first, rely on our business wide net to the market to find the boss, to pay an annual fee of 1000, they released their information in our website, at the time when it is the climax of the Internet, so many bosses were fooled in, the best time of site 500 paying members from business customers staff salary and high commission, as well as the server, program development, and membership maintenance costs at the end of that year, a slight surplus, at the time that the There is not much left., as long as the members continue to develop, my website will be able to usher in the spring.

unfortunately, the boss is not on the network a lot of good times don’t last long, so they are released, call us and let me released his latest price information, although the information released to go up, but because many of their bosses do not get online, their spare time in Mahjong gambling, trading information read very few people for paying members, the boss, to bring them the effect on the very Liao Liao. The final result can be imagined. Paying members less and less, the most terrible is their circle is very small, the spread of the virus, most bosses know that our website can not bring real effect, home sales are ignored, business people also gradually lost, see the company’s operating conditions, only a website development technology also lost. To keep going by painstaking effort of 07 years, by the end of 07, I am the only one, guanggansiling a to maintain the operation of the site, to a halt, I almost despair.

was in despair, very coincidence, and communication of Chengdu friends QQ boring chitchat, their company (hand cable technology) to a newspaper issuance system has just developed mobile phone newspaper, through a simple distribution system, an editor, through this system, can help the newspaper every day issued tens of thousands of mobile phone newspaper, it sounds horrible, also triggered my inspiration, I did not I can issue the industry of mobile phone newspaper? Now the boss has a mobile phone, all in the hands of. Mobile phone newspaper is the most important solution to the rapid arrival of trade information in this industry


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