As a local station, please seize the following pieces of meat

because the entertainment station, the movie station is controlled more and more strict, the advertisement is not good to do, the income is few, many stationmaster all transfers the station local forum. I’m one of them. Today, I’m going to share my experience with.20 in Suining for more than a couple of days in In fact, as long as the local station to seize the following points, you can succeed.

1, property information – it’s a market in every city. Well done, this is a win-win situation. Users will take the initiative to help you advertise. My house was rented out at a certain forum. Can not rent a house to such a station ah, many people rent.

2, photography enthusiasts – only they can help you collect local exciting pictures for the first time, to enrich the content of the website, to attract people’s attention.

3, decoration building materials – this business most willing to spend advertising. Your local station depends on these masters.

4, city dating – now the pace of life is speeding up. Many older young people get married, but their age is too busy to make friends. Online dating has become a popular way of making friends.

5, that is, the secondary market, the advertising market, you open this piece, as long as it is local advertising, no matter how they hair. I’ll give you a lot of long tail words,

!That’s what

said. I hope everyone will be successful and realize your dream in the new field.


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