Successful webmaster has 12 good state of mind (bottom)

previous article, "successful webmaster has 12 good mentality" (on), and share the "zero" mentality, learning mentality, innovative attitude, willing to mind, pragmatic attitude, active attitude. These are good mentality webmaster inner self improvement, and we were so open in the Internet arena, more time is needed to communicate with people exchanges and cooperation, so the other good mentality.

one, empty cup mentality. Life in the world – childhood think what all don’t understand, University to why all understand, after graduation just know what all don’t understand, middle-aged and why all understand, to old age just realize, all don’t understand. This seemingly tongue twisters pyramid remembered interpretation is the empty cup mentality. Do a website that involves wide is not a person to fix, specializing in surgery, there will be a short board; when you go to consult, communicate, communicate, if not the heart of the empty cup and how to learn the strengths of others? Said very interesting phenomenon: in the QQ group those who love themselves, and have not the views of others will not be affected by the people love the people on the one hand, on the other hand, he can learn in the whole process is the least.

two, growth mindset. Growth mindset is a positive life attitude or way of thinking. It may be difficult and winding on the way you grow up, but when you fall down, you can climb up and move on. There are bound to be mistakes, mistakes, gaffes and failures, but when you know it’s a process, not a result, your attitude is positive. To do 10086 new female station, for example, once site: home ran, and that encountered this situation, I do not continue to do these 10086 women stand? Apparently not. The site is in the process, from the station to station, who has no problems, who do not have unpleasant


three, entrepreneurial mindset. "Inspiring the light of life, entrepreneurship, change destiny", this is to win in China’s resounding slogan. Many webmasters hope that through their hard work of the site can do a big job, relying on the site for entrepreneurship. If you have already embarked on a hard and happy way, so you recommend a feather song "on the road", once I have a day to listen to this melody, must be deeply embedded in the bones of the spirit of entrepreneurship.

four, competitive mentality. Survival of the fittest, the elimination of the fittest; when your site is on the line, you need to face a large number of peer competition. He said he had a student website ranking off, check your site many times has been found, SEO doesn’t seem like cheating, how lost? I was after careful analysis of the conclusion is: your website development speed is not faster; so others crawling up your head. Out of the bloody wolf, to analyze opponents, beyond your opponent, your site will be successful.

five, share the mindset. The reason why the Internet is so exciting and high-speed development is because it is beyond all other media to share channels. Our webmaster, if less points


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