Do buy nets, choose the goods is the key, do a good job of user service is guaranteed

recently, the word "Groupon" frequently appeared on the major portals, and the Internet blew up a group buying. It seems that overnight, the Internet has sent out a lot of buy site. Of course, some see the potential of the market, build websites with their strengths, and follow the trend of popular trends and rush into the group buying market. For the recent trend of group buying, many people have written to express their views, optimists believe that the prospects are gratifying, is the development trend; pessimists believe that just follow the trend of speculation, not worth investment.

June 10th Admin5 F version of the chat forum Thursday invited group chief operating officer (COO) Zhao Yi Zhao together to discuss the operation mode and development prospect of network group purchase, this paper focuses on finishing version, welcome to discuss.

asked: I just search the next group buying network, but in the first page of Baidu did not see F group, please Zhao total, how do you promote,


answer: F group’s current promotion belongs to the first wave of communication, we will focus most of our efforts on the selection of good goods, good discount depth, team building work, and achieved good results. In a very short period of time, you will see our publicity and promotion throughout the country, including online, offline, television, and other media, please correct me.

: where is the profit point of the group buying website? Does the F group plan to continue financing now? Besides, I wonder what the F group and other group buying websites are different from.

: I don’t know other domestic group purchase website profit status, F group is currently in Beijing, has achieved a large profit; and on the financing of the problem, we have the international venture investment fund at the moment, the next progress is also very smooth, we will be the first time disclosed. Your second question is very good, F group mainly to do, is to help our customers find his most HOT city where the most interesting places, we can see our history we have a group purchase group purchase, such as paragliding and other interesting products. In addition, our user base, indeed in the urban white-collar level, has a high impact.

asked: Grassroots webmaster, do group purchase sites need money, manpower and material resources, such as network resources, grassroots webmaster after all ability is limited, but with large group purchase website cooperation, such as promotion links to earn a small group purchase station, part of the profits ", want to please ask Zhao, F group there is no way of cooperation and the grassroots? How personal Adsense with group purchase website cooperation big


answer: personal webmaster, or other forms of the Internet, or, I think, are interdependent and dependent on each other, F group also has plans and various personal Adsense to start some cooperation plans to achieve a win-win situation. Specific content and details, we are ready, we will communicate with you!


asks: "when a city has 2~3 buy Group website, still can have 2~3 fold >


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