Talking about the necessity of website revision

this article collected and sorted out by my network, which added some comments and methods on the website revision. If you have any other good ideas, welcome to discuss with me!


1: why should the website be revised,


1, the site is professional, beautiful, but no access.

What makes

in many Crux "vase" enterprise website? "Teaching network that one of the reasons is because the value of the enterprise on the website of the lack of a rational and comprehensive understanding; do not know to play the role of enterprise website is built on the basis of flow. On the other hand, most of the enterprise managers have limited knowledge of network marketing, which makes it difficult to improve the professional level of the website, which seriously limits the value of the enterprise website.

2, site access is large, but the customer conversion rate is too low.

for an enterprise / company website, website design itself is not professional, not beautiful, poor user experience, even invested heavily in has made the website promotion is often ineffective, so the scientific way in addition to the necessary website marketing, website provides professional, user experience will be more important, this is why more and more companies are willing to spend lots of money for the updated website, improve the user experience, improve customer conversion rate.

two: what is the main content of website revision?

has gone through the first generation of website construction, with the main design thinking of website beauty and the construction of the second generation website, with the main design thinking of user experience. Have not adapted to the new site of the big bang era, how to highlight in many sites, has become the key to enterprise electronic warfare, from the past for the user into the search engine oriented. We call this design thinking: the third generation of design thinking. Website revision, a website design, the three generation of design thinking as the guide, the main modification of content:

feature upgrade

Websites that

search engines rarely visit are mostly websites with simple functions and poor information content. In order to make browsing user and network management convenient, and to make search engine better included, it is very important to add some relatively urgent functions on the website.



many sites actually a cheat eye just website construction company in order to build up the enterprise product drawings, not to mention what structured. So, want your website to have a better search and rank, website structure nots allow to ignore.

builds navigation

navigation is not just for browsing users to see, but also to search robot to see, must let search engines know, we want it to update frequently what kind of page, want him to recommend what kind of information?. However, almost 95% of China’s websites do not have navigation.

data optimization

the sites we see with our naked eyes are actually source code parsed. Source >


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