07 years, personal Adsense checkpoints, three road through RomeGreen three new board listed into the

data show that the company through channels including millet, millet and millet mall Jingdong Tmall flagship store sales of strip products and data line products accounted for more than 99% of total sales.

, in the face of copyright pressure, SP business decline and the downturn in the advertising alliance, 2007 personal website still no way out? The answer is clearly yes. At least for the moment, there are three better way for personal Adsense choice!

personal way of the station building, vertical industry website

    vertical industry websites are built for a particular industry and have a deep integration configuration of information, transactions, and so forth in the industry. This kind of website does not need the huge flow of general recreational station, also can realize the profit of big teach.

    recently I log ten more familiar with the entertainment industry station and station are analyzed, the results found that under the same flow conditions, the vertical industry website profit ability is 5 to 12 times the general entertainment station. The difference is mainly reflected in the profitability of its profit model, general entertainment station profit pattern is the main use of traffic to make alliance advertising, the swap chain revenue, advertising revenue, click on the mobile phone SMS registered accounted for more than 80% share. In 07 years, with the establishment of mobile phone SMS registration downturn, click the K number, the flow quantity is not worth the money in mind advertisers, pictures, movies and other entertainment makes the ordinary station rely on for three ways to limit the income.

        in contrast, the vertical industry website membership fees + advertising + sales revenue model is much brighter outlook. Vertical industry website profit pattern, membership fee is suitable to provide trading information industry as the leading industry vertical website; advertising for all vertical industry websites; sales revenue for vertical industry product oriented website. On the advertising fees, due to the vertical industry website professional strong, clear target audience, advertisers are more willing to teach a high price of its advertising to this station, chemical online advertising for a banner a year on one hundred thousand of the cost will fully support this point.

        of course, from the operation point of view, the vertical industry website is obviously more difficult to operate than ordinary entertainment, because it emphasizes more professional, timeliness, unique. Its characteristics, decided to go solo personal station operation mode, in this way is not feasible, before entering this threshold, individual Adsense at least have to face a shift from individual business to workshop operation.

    the so-called "community of interests", a web community of web users who share common interests. Many types of communities of interest, such as driving, weekend party, community stock market forum, entrepreneurs salon, mountaineering enthusiasts, community swimming enthusiasts community, photography enthusiasts community, fishing enthusiasts community, community, community, many fans

green rice technology CEO Jan Lamb said, millet and green rice technology is open cooperative relationship. Since its establishment, green meter technology has established the direction of intelligent development of power supply products and network control products, and the company will continue to increase R & D investment and speed up technological upgrading.

currently, millet has become second only to power, the future of the founding team of the second largest shareholder. According to Lei Jun’s plan, 5 years, millet will invest 100 eco chain enterprises, copy millet mode.

August 11 Japanese: yesterday, millet chaxianban manufacturer of green rice science and technology power future parent company announced approved listed on the new board, the stock referred to as the future, code 839032.



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