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notes, think first:

? A lot of business

on February 14, 2012 -18, held a meeting in Tonglu, the participants are: today, Ali group, the top 40 of the head and business of HR, the meeting opened for four days, the meeting was very difficult. After the end, everyone is like a flying bird.

, the Tonglu conference and the Organization Department, these two things have a great influence on me. I am responsible for the improvement of the group performance system, which is related to performance.

reward both superiors and subordinates at the same time?

so what’s the four solution,

. The advertiser names: Oriental TV shopping CJ

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2003 introduced in August 28th, Shanghai media group and South Korea CJ home shopping company signed a joint venture contract at the Shanghai International Convention Center, the two sides jointly set up Shanghai Oriental CJ commerce Co. Ltd., to enter the home shopping industry. At present the company through TV and the Internet, bulletin catalog three business areas, sharing orders and logistics infrastructure, to carry out the family shopping business, offers a variety of online merchandise information for Shanghai, East China and the vast number of consumers, so that consumers can stay at home to get detailed product information, and you can order goods by telephone and other means. The move marks the official birth of the first real family shopping company in china.  



one, uncertainty, the normal organization of Ali

At that time, including

Ali organization and culture, discuss the current problems and future four solution, then we think that is very happy, think that these four solutions can at least guide Ali HR forward work for 10 years without a problem.

first, the performance system should be reformed;

How does More information on

pictures source: thousand net

manage both bosses and employees at the same time?

Prior to Before

fourth, HR upgrade.

if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

second, ecological construction;

We discussed the

third, cultural upgrading Review;

, the HR model is more in policy interpretation, defend the values, the understanding of the values are not fundamental and deep, "a good HR" definition still immersed in the "small cotton padded jacket" management and warm care level, but the judgment and diagnosis in organization the lack of method.

innovation outside the industry, Ali are learning to which companies?

?How does ?


what is the root cause of Ali’s organizational problems,

Ali has come to a real platform, a policy like a macro regulation, will bring the whole chain reaction, but Ali or an enterprise, the management of this enterprise employees will have the young things emerge, so we how an enterprise from management to governance a a small community, to build ecological.

Alibaba’s values and culture really need checking place and expression in connotation.

Ali problems some surface phenomenon: troubled company forum "amazing post", frequent employee turnover, Ali has been criticized all kinds of cultural phenomenon, the last solution is to talk out of the performance system reform.

, do you have your own value tree,

people feel weak in the organization, why,

What are the challenges and solutions to the performance management challenges facing


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