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selected blogs, and then come to explore how profitable, and personally think that personal micro-blog’s earnings are mainly in three ways:

I used to take a few orders from Chenzhou SEO, and I made a

website operators in the beginning of the concept of Web site, you have to think clearly, what you rely on to profit, must not think of making traffic, and then rely on investment.


sees a word, feels deep: "what do websites do? Do flow, why do flow, investment ah, make money ah"

the second profit model is to sell their products or services, I think this is what we should devote more time, energy and attention.

second, do CPS ad. You can put your micro-blog into the micro-blog shopping guide, so when you can later recommended products have more people to listen to and forwarding, certainly do all of these is to improve the quality and quantity of your micro-blog fans.

why is this one of the profit model, but the way is not? Because of demand, more and more websites, if there is no second profit model support, click on the price will be way down. Say extreme point, all sell advertisement, nobody does real electron business affairs, who buys your advertisement?

? !

if this idea is the mainstream thinking of people doing web sites, then most of these sites will not have much way out.

believe that many people are now in use micro-blog, micro-blog if you haven’t you out, but some people use their micro-blog earnings? I think that even the owners of such crowd is scanty, then we will talk about how to use micro-blog to create personal income:

I like to simplify, simplify, make ideas clearer, seize the key.

number one: selling personal micro-blog accounts. You can see screenshots, but this way is not everyone can do, because this way must also keep a lot of micro-blog account, otherwise sold out of a no.

advertisements also come in different categories, some of which are counted by clicking, some by page view and some by month or by year. Different advertising types also bring different profit skills. Sometimes, increasing traffic is the key point. Sometimes, increasing the click rate is the key point.

used to read bored posts, "how much money does it cost? What traffic is more valuable?"

2010 popular micro-blog, let these stationmaster friends have a Wangzhuan platform, make good use of it, this article from the original products to the black list qudouchanpin.5d6d/, please indicate the

is the first choice of the blog, there is no doubt that sina micro-blog is our first choice, it is hot and the media are active users are first, then announced the first registered users billions of dollars of Tencent micro-blog, micro-blog and other development can be said is not very awesome.

you third, micro-blog has been very influential, so this time you do not have to worry about, there will be a natural businessman looking for you, because you have micro-blog like a newspaper, a radio, a certain media, so you can meet the business advertising standards, of course. What advertising depends on your micro-blog theme is what, so start with the selected micro-blog theme is very important.

this is in line with the trend of many websites I’ve seen recently, trying to attract more people, increase traffic, and then sell advertising or hope to attract venture capital.

website of course aims to make money to make a profit, many articles on the web site of the profit model, are more complex, what platform, BRC, BRB, telecom value-added services, and divided into etc..

first profit model, selling advertising, seems to be the main direction of many domestic websites. To sell advertising for profit direction of the site, naturally want large traffic, in order to have a high number of clicks.


in my opinion, there are two kinds of website profit models: one is to sell other people’s things including selling advertisements, joining websites, alliances, etc., and the two is selling their own things including products and services. No matter how changes can not be taken out of these two, to profit, and must sell things, not to sell others, that is to sell their own, and here it is necessary to AD the devil law

to do e-commerce sites, it is important to be able to control, then from the most basic to control their products. There are many things you can’t control by selling advertisements. Selling your products or services is different. You can use your creativity. You can improve your original product or service. You can make your own price


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