What is the future of the development of astronomical websitesMogujie CEO June to build roll enterpr

according to the uncertain news, mogujie June earlier registered Hangzhou volume melon Network Co. Ltd., put forward to create a series of "enterprise’s volume" idea in the future, from his first product volume beans can be reflected. Recently, there are careful users found, juanpi impressively included in the search engine, access shows "under construction"……" This domain name has been audited by the domain name of the Ministry of industry, and will be opened in the near future.

"gold rush chain LinkMiner" is the first product developed by rolls bean network. It has gained the favor of the station with its innovative business model and excellent user experience. On-line just a month, has three thousand webmaster registered use, accumulated for webmaster conversion link about thirteen million times. At the same time to help a large number of webmaster get rich returns, including a number of outstanding webmaster daily income break thousand yuan.

According to the up and down !

entrepreneurship in February 2010 to now, this in less than two years to the company to achieve hundreds of millions of dollars in valuation, but it is a 80 network operators, he is mogujie CEO June. 1 million 500 thousand yuan venture, and within two years the company valuation reached billions of dollars, June’s thriller wealth miracle all people within the industry eye.

is really a source of interest in doing this website. I can assure you that as long as the boys are interested in astronomy, they will be interested. And I belong to the kind of special interest, but not professional. Ever since I learned how to do a website in college, I have been dreaming of making an astronomy website myself. The beginning of their own, the page is very loud, a wide range of content. But also a poor student, so I’ve been on ik8.com, a free web site provider. For half a year later to network company after graduation, finally understand some of the station inside, and start learning, reading in the Admin5. Finally unable to bear, began to re create their own web pages, buy space, domain names. Stick to manual posting every day. So persist for a month, and found that they have to do the site is inconvenient, function is too weak, members can not develop. And the work is busy, no more time to take care of this site, so want to change the way. So I found the BBS forum model of the mobile network. So I can not have to post, as long as the forum atmosphere active, content will update themselves.

domain name industry veteran said, in addition to juanpi, a series of "juan" at the beginning of the Larry domain prices have begun to fluctuate, this phenomenon marks the industry there will be a big action. Do not know whether this is June prepared for his "roll’s enterprise" war? The success of mogujie as a strong backing, Hangzhou melon, beans, brand new gold chain volume rolling, roll’s unknown ", June can successfully create a" roll’s miracle ", a wait and see.

in mogujie’s huge success shrouded, people ignore the mogujie CEO June another masterpiece – roll bean network. Rolls bean network is committed to providing innovative and valuable e-commerce tools for online communities, to help the majority of webmasters seize the development trend of e-commerce, access to development and returns.



, but now I find out how simple my mind is. At the very beginning, many members actively applied for moderators, and actively posted, and then everyone’s enthusiasm declined gradually. And the number of visitors every day slowly down, Baidu, Google included also gradually less. Especially Google, a little while in the sky. I’m looking for the problem myself. I have nothing to go to other people’s forums to see why other people’s forums are so active, but I haven’t been able to improve them.

URL: www.dongbusky.cn

Station Name: eastern sky,

I hope you look after this type of website can give us advice about the development of

, IP:100,

finally found that: all astronomical sites, in addition to a few very well-known such as the sea, popularity can still be outside, almost no traffic and popularity.

mogujie is a new community of female buyers. It is a platform for the Hangzhou melon network, which focuses on providing beauty and fashion, sharing shopping pleasure, and making friends with like-minded people to communicate freely. It is one of the most fashionable and popular female community websites in China, one of the most influential social network media in china. As of the beginning of April, the number of registered users of mogujie has exceeded 9 million 500 thousand, UV reached 2 million 200 thousand, browse the amount of billions of dollars PV, single user browsing to page 50.

China’s recent efforts to develop space industry, I think this will certainly lead to everyone’s interest in astronomy, but the results are surprising. Is it really hard for astronomy sites to develop,


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