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do network marketing, does not mean to do a website and then put it in there, waiting for the user to call or online advice, need to have the skills to lead the user to your site, there are at least 1, the trilogy: good content, will be able to increase the weight of the search engine, more important is to improve the visitors to the website reputation, website content is a very important factor. 2, in addition to the content, you also need other people’s website links to your website address, so that high quality content is necessary, and then add a link to your website, released to some large blog community, if the content of your site is attractive, I believe many people will. 3, e-mail has been a magic weapon of network marketing professionals, collect the mail to the mail, the main link is to collect the mail, generally localized e-commerce website marketing strategy by e-mail, collect e-mail addresses are mostly local websites and the community. This is similar to the lottery, big customers, small customers more. Can also be regarded as a good marketing method.

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is a popular Internet rampant place, over a period of time there is a hot word gush, then there are countless websites to do this kind of hot, get together in one place, I want to say is that the popular concept of website is doomed to difficult of success


pre use up to 400 million of people, basically people who use the Internet will use . is the best network marketing tools, to achieve on the 10 thousand IP to 400 million users but easier said than done? Said not worth mentioning, is equal to the quantity of product change, a news to join nearly 500 friends, 10 thousand IP is equivalent to 20 of things, but not every friends to see your information will be Click to the advertising information, and Tencent Inc to ban advertising information more powerful, will probably ban or limit login, then we have to reserve a number of , to spare thousands of to see, and how these

site to make money, please remember this principle here: small areas, big market! Silent money making! High-profile publicity, low-key money!

if we send illegal information and indecent information, can also be done using a proxy server, in the United States or Canada foreign lands, such people are hard to find, in fact, we do the promotion, will gradually learn some skills and methods, how to attract people to look after others? How to make them into advertising, this is the door of knowledge?. Some time ago, Guangdong Zhang found by , get a lot of traffic, but only a day to earn 200, while Hebei Liu, also is to do promotion, not a lot of traffic, can make 600-800 every day, this is the difference between.

one reason: blindly follow the trend, easy to believe in people.

, we introduce traffic from >

a word "buy", want to do great things, we must know how to pay, low investment and high returns to the words always hanging in the mouth, you can go to Taobao or other online trading platform to buy , the dozens of pieces of money can buy thousands of , now advertising than before, the lower level of restrictions on advertising information, you can buy more than vip3, this is not restricted, thousands of as long as a few hundred dollars, bought after how we use them to

reason two: do not know how to do network marketing.

there are a lot of websites in China today, and most of them are very silent. Because once you make money, and it’s also very high-profile, it will quickly attract a lot of competitors to come in and make the market rotten.

how to change money quickly, think about your website positioning and direction, because different websites have different ways to make money, different owners have different money making skills, need >

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wants to make money on the Internet, you have to understand the Internet marketing! Many websites do not make money, because they do not understand network marketing, network marketing is not good enough!

reason three: do not know how to make money with web sites.

can go to the network to download some mass software, many software is a trial, you can find some cracked version, or buy direct version, cheap only dozens. We send the content is worth paying attention to God, because it is empty, light site more Tencent will be blocked, there are many skills, can send some tempting words, indirect advertising on their data, curious people will see through the click on the data. Can also directly engage in some text advertising to each other, recently, our always receive text transmission ad information, these ads are mass people do. After setting up, we start mass, one by one, and slowly will see the flow.

money must be considered, especially personal webmaster, short of money is necessary, we have no money to drop, no money to wait, must immediately see real money, must be immediately fulfilled, because many webmaster, all in the lean, when no savings, can quickly take thousands of a IP, converted to money, this is a very important step.

in front of us to explain the three free Wangzhuan people have a basic understanding of Wangzhuan, here we use every day into the combat flow of 10 thousand IP, the conversion of traffic we can use it to achieve its advertising, achieve the ultimate goal of higher. Usually 100ip is translated into 5%, and different things are different from marketing methods. How can you use to create more value?

there is an idea that can not be absolutely: "bigger, think again how to make money.". If you want to run a website that can really make money for you, be sure to think about how to make money and then do it again,


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