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              all the webmaster friends, you are the new force to promote the Internet rapid change because of this, I need to keep learning, so as to promote the development of all the webmaster of the Internet all round of applause. I say my own observation in the Internet, as well as the past few years to do some of the Internet experience, and we do a share.

         ;     vice president of Alibaba talk about how small and medium-sized websites to achieve profitability; the full text is as follows:


              what is the status of the Internet market, especially in China Ali’s mother created China’s largest online advertising platform, how to help you start your business and create more profits?

              the webmaster friends in the west, Hello!

              2008 mom in Xi’an stationmaster Heroes Live Video:

         ;     I am Ali’s mother’s Jiang Zhiqiang. I am very happy to be in Xi’an today. I can feel the business innovation in the west, and I am moved every time. I have 15 years of experience in the Internet, although in this industry a long time, but still in the learning, because the Internet is changing more and more quickly, in the past two or three years, a large number of new sites in the world or in Chinese markets such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like emerge, the Internet is changing particularly fast.

today, millet ecological chain enterprises like rub network CEO Li Shuxin in the circle of friends said, "for the first time entrepreneurs come to an end, full of harvest, there is a little difference between thought and truth; feel grateful to friends along the way, ready to pack up and leave again". 36, krypton also confirmed Li Shuxin’s departure to many parties, and then start the business, and then, like the network CTO likely will be responsible for the company’s operations.

previously, Li Shuxin worked in more than ten internationally renowned chips and IP companies. Prior to joining the ring, he served as technical director at the Tencent’s Center for intelligent device innovation in Shenzhen and was responsible for selecting innovative hardware projects with feasibility and potential applications. 36 krypton learned from many, after the departure, Li Shuxin also plans to continue entrepreneurship.

VR at present, the first significant hardware track, game player presentspolarization, mainstream technology company brand route, aimed at the consumer market, the current shipments are not expected; on the other hand, Shenzhen manufacturers shipments as the main target, the main price at the end of last year, puerile, vertical media VR value theory at that time Shenzhen has said that manufacturers have company can do VR box products monthly shipments of 30 million, profits of nearly 0.1 yuan.

              Ali mother Xi’an station today 14 concert held in Xi’an.

              Mr. Jiang Zhiqiang to an Internet veteran status to share his advertising and marketing experience, and how the site of the mom through the platform to find their own website profit point.

compared to the "magic network", "millet VR head show" this title is more familiar. The millet technology VR ecological chain enterprise called Shanghai Moldova as network technology limited, founded in 2016, the company’s official website information card in virtual reality and interactive video field, provide the solution from the content acquisition, cloud processing, fusion algorithm to a set of hardware and software of the terminal application program. Millet released in 2016 the first "Gear VR" category of products, but also from this company. At the very beginning of its formation, the company obtained the investment in millet, obtained the strategic investment of millions of RMB from Jingdong in the middle of 2016, and obtained the investment from Germany and the capital by the end of 2016.

and millet as much of the ecological chain enterprises, the elephant is not only carrying the strategic layout of millet, but also to seek their own development. The former is reflected in the team has been R & D millet mobile VR head show, while the latter is the company in content exploration. By the end of last year to accept 36 krypton interview, the company has said that the team has been working with millet exploration laboratory, together with this mobile VR head display research and development. The shlf1314 Daydream VR standard before the introduction of head display, similar to Samsung Gear VR, adapted millet phone has been released. In mid 2016, 36 krypton contact friction like, said the company does not like friction is a just hardware company, will also provide VR content, starting VR shopping areas, through the VR video introduction, allowing users to have a more intuitive understanding of the product, complete the transaction through simple interaction.


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