A simple but we did not insist onHow do you make a killing on your personal website

below, I give two examples, the two sites from different angles, respectively, generated business activities.

, the feasibility of personal website

two, personal website to make money instance

excellent talents to Wangzhuan writing ability: + savvy; language ability voice + skill + strong understanding; understanding; comprehensive ability or these strong people belong to Wangzhuan special talent, can have as big. As the name suggests, the writing ability here is strong, that is, can write articles, readily can write, and there is writing articles of interest, every day do not write, the heart is itchy, there are ideas can be expressed in a timely manner.

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once had a beauty contest in Panzhihua, she went to the competition and got the third place. The suit is borrowed, borrowed the evening announcer she successfully entered service, cable TV station. Later, in Panzhihua, she held a trade fair for cycads. She became a tour guide and became famous overnight. She was poached by Yunnan TV station. The girl presided over the program in Yunnan Yunnan Taiwan, perhaps we have seen, not to mention my name, after all others is now a celebrity, and famous for many years. Good voice is a person’s share of the day, the day after tomorrow can work hard, there will be as in the Internet is no exception.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

the technology here is good. It’s the technology needed by the internet. Simple almost everyone, even if is not easy to learn, the article emphasizes the technology is skilled, ordinary people can not solve the problem of skilled people can solve, but also through some special cases of fame. For example, many people can copy others ", but some pages need to design, there is no ready-made page copy, if one page will be planned and perfectly, the asking price is not high, this man will soon become famous, good business nature.

language ability here refers to the sound of a good day, a vapid word by others express the voice can be contagious. Our unit before a girl graduated from technical school to enterprise team, but what looks like is not capable of living, if is the electrician, every day at the site has been loafing, monitor is to take care of her. Every time she has a speech contest or a poetry contest, she can get the first place, and she often acts as the host of large-scale events. Unfortunately, she can’t write her own essay. She can do it well if someone else has written it.

web site to make money, you must take the initiative as a person! Human effort is the decisive factor., website, we can have their own products, and sell them, rely on themselves to make money

, now all websites are considering how to make money, personal website is no exception. Personal web sites may be motivated initially by interest or a hobby, but for a long time, these interests or hobbies build up a lot of resources for themselves, such as an impressive amount of traffic. When these resources are accumulated to a certain extent, commercial awareness of sensitive personal webmaster began to seek the development of electronic commerce, the commercial operation of the resources in their hands, thus, personal websites began to make money. Of course, the more popular ways of making money for personal websites may still depend on advertising, but from the advertising revenue of personal websites, it has fallen into a trough. So, if the personal website wants to make great progress, or want its ownThe

this is an online self taught bookstore. All the students who attend the exam know it

then comes the understanding, which includes the word "Savvy" in every additional condition. Literally, this person must be intelligent. The word "smart", I think, can be installed in every person engaged in the network, because since you can choose the Internet business, should be very smart. Here said the wise is to be familiar with the Internet, familiar with internet savvy, proficient in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan.

savvy, quick to learn, good at a business

development of the Internet today, more and more people begin to contact Wangzhuan, but many novice is still very confused, in the end how to do Wangzhuan, SEO is the only Wangzhuan road? No! Wangzhuan is really simple, but we did not insist, here the red Wangzhuan forum to share some of our team’s experience and experience, hope the inspiration to all new

1. online bookstore www.zkok.net

Internet users are growing fast. Another survey shows that the average income of Internet users has increased, that is to say, the consumption level of Internet users has also improved. Why do we want to rely on personal website advertising to make money? Can’t we change the idea? For example, your website traffic is about 1000 that is to say there are about 1000 people in your shop every day, equivalent to the advertising agency of others, even if sold out also you can only return to a portion of the profits. But if your store sells its products, most of the profits are in your hands. Advertising to make money is just a "by-product" of doing a website, and the real product is your own website. Remember: your website is a gold mine, you may just "Browse" mining the deeper mineral mineral layer, you may have not yet developed! You can be your own website to sell, such as the quality content for your site printed in a book, and then sell yourself the books on the internet. There are more business methods, the key is that you have to continue to explore the following, I will combine my observations on the Internet and their own practical experience, to tell you how to operate their own products. For the network business, at first must hold the peace of mind, because China’s Internet users, after all, is not many, we do not expect too much online business will bring you great benefits. To network business as a kind of exercise, to say a realistic word: "now make small money, and later make big money."". This is my strategic view of a "long campaign" for online business.


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