n areas where we can start to increase search engine trust

three: often clear the site of death

to improve the websiteWhat is the relationship between the structure and the authoritative website

is an unstable server to the site is slow, often downtime, these problems are not only our owners do not want to see, for the user and the search engine is also very disgusted. The user and the search engine spider your site loading speed or every two or three days cannot be accessed and leave your site. So for the host site selection, the author suggests that we can I buy some cheap, no quality assurance system to do station. If elected to the unstable host not only you can’t carry out optimization strategy for you, is the most direct impact on the search engine will lose patience with you, the end result will be right down, and may even be punished.

for a web site, if you gain the trust of the search engine, you can achieve the optimization to achieve a multiplier effect. This is no doubt, has just launched a new station we can see this law, for the new station, often through a painful period, the search engine has an assessment period for new sites, in this period, webmasters need to do is to make your site in the search engine’s eyes more authority. Of course, the old station although the search engine will trust you, but you can not relax, if you don’t watch Kung Fu in the authority of the above, the search engine is very easy to abandon you. So the author in this article on how to increase the trust of the search engine on how to start sharing some of their own experiences.

the effect of dead links on the site can make an analogy, if we put in the chain structure compared to our site is a big spider web, dead link is broken before the breakpoint, when the search engine spiders to crawl your site, if there are no the anterior of the dead link, dead end. The search engine will see how your site? So we better when our site, we should always check the dead links on our site, at present there are many of these tools can help us to check out these links, check.

two: provide a stable host

website? In fact, the principle is very simple, a website structure is the most direct effect is not only affect the user friendly experience, will make the search engine spiders can not find the north, to crawl web pages is not very good. The structure of the site we can be simply divided into the physical and logical structure. For the logistics structure which can be divided into flat structure and tree structure. Mainly for the two structures is your site directory. For we may better understand the logic structure, in fact, logical structure refers to the chain we through the website, the two main structure if reasonable configuration, can not only make your visitors can more clearly visit your site, also can make the search engine spiders more easy to grab you ".

: the structure of


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