Keywords share research more important than we imagine

today and share the relevant aspects of keyword research, we may have to do if the keyword ranking is more interested, but as a Shanghai dragon staff, I think everyone is very clear if the keyword selection is not good, even if the rankings make up the significance is not large, such as many webmaster select the area + Shanghai Longfeng way to optimize their own website, it is fundamentally wrong choice, there is no standing in the position of the user thinking, in the previous election of the election of the future keyword and we discussed this problem, then today the articles do a full range of depth analysis for everyone to explain why the keyword research more important than we imagine. Keyword research is needed after doing a lot of work, the work and the site’s profit has no direct relationship, why do we need to make great efforts to study keywords, worth in the end, this article through five aspects and everybody to discuss this issue, also welcome.

second, it was important to do Keywords: largely determines the future site search to flow, whether the target keywords or long tail keywords, have to consider two aspects, one is the flow, the two is its own characteristics. If the selected keywords are difficult, even if the flow is very big, and you didn’t 10 fen. The difficulty is not too big to join keywords, then in the process of Shanghai dragon in the ranking will rise steadily, one can increase the site traffic, and increase their confidence, give yourself more power, especially for entering the Shanghai dragon industry station.

first, customers looking for is the key: Shanghai dragon is not the purpose of everyone for having heard it many times a word. We are in order to improve profitability, while Shanghai Longfeng costs and barriers are low, so the choice of Shanghai Longfeng way to search through the website promotion engine, so make sure the keywords we choose one search, there is potential demand. Here comes to a professional issues, Shanghai dragon Er should not put some professional terms as keywords to use, because many users do not understand these terms in the search, they have their own popular search habits and thinking, so make sure someone in search keywords in the formulation, target customers are actively looking for.

is third, achieve accurate target: many webmaster want to point target keywords website optimization to the first page or first, too many factors but the ranking involved, to enhance the site’s weight so we can only through a variety of possible ways. And the choice of keywords on the contrary, can do accurate was the target. Some key words flow appear high, in fact for the website’s conversion rate is very small, some key words flow seem small, even in the love of Shanghai index is zero, but this kind of keywords are user search and can be successfully transformed into orders. Do Shanghai dragon is a manual work, so we must reduce their useless, start from the choice of keywords. Of course.


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