Friends of the chain quality judgment 7 details can not be ignored

The correlation between

The snapshot time

in the default search engine in the same industry chain can get more engine love, it will make our own site get a certain score. As for why the search engine in favor of the same industry links, it is because other industry links can vote is get through cheating, only the same industry link voting is trustworthy. How to find friends station, the author suggests the best looking through the QQ group, so the target precision is high, it is easy to find, if it is not found, we have to find those who have their own industry and related industries, for example, we do so with a digital, can do network marketing network.

first, we should look at the other site is included, this is the first thing to do. If the other site even included a problem, after the cooperation is obviously meaningless. Secondly, if your website is only by Google, Sogou and Youdao other engines, but had not been love Shanghai included, then this site is likely because of cheating and loved Shanghai removed, this site exchange links would be more cautious, first love Shanghai domian command query, if there is a return value that site was collected, and you know.

Links as a way to build the stability of the chain, has attracted many webmasters alike. Whether it is for others, or others with their exchange links, we weight the most fundamental purpose is to find a good link to improve their website. Especially the love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, if his friend stood punished, so your site will die, in this case, the chain selection should be more cautious. So, we should start from what aspects for friends of the chain of judgment? The author will analyze carefully.

3. sites included the proportion of

website is a snapshot of time represents the weight of the site, if the site is included in a timely manner, so that the content of the website is updated regularly, and are of good quality, by search engines love, trust. The length of time and the website snapshot also reflects the website operators and intentions of the technical level, and a timely snapshot site exchange chain is very helpful to increase your site weight.

4. website theme

some webmaster to see 10000 is included in the amount of the other site, and he is 1000, so hurry to exchange links with each other, in fact do not worry at this time. We should look at the other site included how much is the actual proportion, operation method is very simple, as long as the love sea site the website of the other side, and then look at the total number of the other side of the page, calculate the proportion, if the total number of other page is 10W, which included only 10000 percentage is only ten percent of the poor, so this website is not will exchange links.

2. websiteThe


Whether the site is included in


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