Boy mix 4 solutions to love Shanghai snapshot not update

2, the chain increased every day: not a public Tienmu day, most beginners have a fatal mistake like this, one day suddenly increase the number of links, a few days do not link, this is the most disgusting, the search engine might think you’re cheating what, we want to make the website snapshot recovery then, when you want to restore the snapshot from the start to do a little every day the chain, the chain is not necessarily, but the key is to increase every day, and if the chain. The best or related, of course widely is also very important! Conditions can be written submission to the soft A5 or CHINAZ


Wuhan Shanghai dragon bastard in the mixed boy blog this article said a blog to record and experience to improve their job, and then to Wuhan, engaged in construction work, of course, not from the blog to find, hey, came to Wuhan after alienating the network, every day at the site is busy, and don’t have much time the Internet, after all the work is very hard, the evening do not want to move, so the previous several site did not go to the management, of which 3 is the enterprise website, the relevant keywords ranking in the home page, before the snapshot every day is new, but in more than half a month after the snapshot stop updating, but also has been ranked in the middle, there is also a time when love Shanghai cramp, but recovered quickly, but I did not manage, snapshot update is almost not updated for a month and sometimes slow, block a Updated every Monday. This time a little better, a little time, to deal with these problems, 2 of them have returned to normal, updated daily snapshot, today I love Shanghai summed up the snapshot not update my own solution:


updated daily articles: 1, must be original, and every day to update, if is the enterprise website, keep the website home page every page, you simply increase the page title is become yesterday and different, there is a method, general enterprise website first page will have a picture, picture below may the troops are written in the title, you can use a little skill to make these pictures every day to call different shows that when the spider every time to grab the

4, space quality: in the method of website love Shanghai included reducing the solution which I had said, if the website space unstable bad words will affect the snapshot, the reason is very simple, just love Shanghai spider to your site, you can’t open the space, this time not updated snapshot love Shanghai, or fly directly to the long before the snapshot update and ha! So you save time in maintaining the stability of the space in the snapshot should not, this is really important, I used to be keenly aware of, is not easy to get back and let a space the snapshot destroyed "

Keep the

3, Links increased inspection: check your chain object in this period of time, to see if they have the question, there are problems in time or take away with others, and the best day or 2, 3 days increase in a high quality link, to avoid a sudden increase in number, to the snapshot recovery before reduction to do

page will be different!


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