English website how to do the Shanghai dragon diagnosis case analysis

1, URl design: the site design > URL

, a domain name which generally includes the company’s core product or brand word, the domain name should contain the word homophonic Paiwang brand. Three sites are using the Hongkong space, but for the best use of the space English website to open the site speed is relatively faster to the user experience of Google search engine specific good experience, the space is stable on the site keywords ranking has certain effect.

to share! According to the website

status of the pet trade from three aspects of diagnosis: 1, the domain name space 2, the 3 station, the station optimization optimization.

of course want to put a site diagnosis better only mentioned above is not enough, the actual situation of which there are many factors for the site of the specific details, here once in a discussion with some Adsense website about how to make the diagnosis of this topic, which has a webmaster friends asked English website how to diagnose and Chinese site diagnosis is not the same? But also said he did not understand English. Yang Zi believes that regardless of Shanghai dragon English Chinese website or its search engine values are basically the same, are adhering to the idea to provide value for the user, the search engine algorithm is to obtain more value information for users a powerful weapon to safeguard, so both the basic ideas and methods of Chinese or English website the diagnosis is basically the same, a English website below I will do the Shanghai dragon diagnosis for everyone to be a simple

and the "degree" is the impact site in the search engine ranking factors, as long as the master of these factors can be an antidote against the disease "Jiaoteng, headache medicine head impact on search engine rankings there are many factors including: the structure design factors of URL, service factors, the chain factors, quality factors meta, title and meta tags factors, website internal link structure and whether the site contains other adverse factors such as search engine friendly navigation design is adopted in the form of images if the pictures do the navigation is to add a description tag ALT attribute. To understand these basic elements can be carried out according to the current situation of the basic diagnostic sites.

talked about the site diagnosis for a niubable Shanghai Longfeng practitioners is the most basic skills, and for some people are always the primary Shanghai dragon can not start, in fact, Yang Zi seems to grasp the website of Shanghai dragon before Shanghai dragon diagnosis must first be familiar with the search engine algorithm principle, and those who can do what they cannot do, do what kind of degree to rank and rank affected or severely punished by a search engine.

two, website optimization from the following points to the diagnosis of

the website for a pet related products trade website, the domain name or company name is not mentioned here, and try to reduce advertising and share some real dry cargo. Is the diagnosis of some of the basic ideas and methods of the foreign trade website below.


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