Good business blogs can make web site more weight

now, through regular updating and maintenance, the daily traffic blog has dozens of IP, there are tens of thousands of total traffic, traffic and potential customers from blog also grow with each passing day, the most happy thing is now released blog is the same fast seconds, I believe these weights.

we all know the importance of the weights of the website, then how can we enhance the site’s weight? In addition to its website updating and maintenance, we can also make the enterprise blog maintenance and promotion work, to help enhance the weight of master station.

then entered the most critical step is how to write the article. Search engines love the original, this is not difficult, unlike the blog enterprise website, must be very formal. You play a lot of space, you can write your hobbies, work, life, ideal, you can publish the works, the case can be released, industry news, news, etc., can be said to be a completely creative expression and self space. We are in the beginning and end of the part, can be simple to enclose a copy of our one or two keywords and urls. It is important to think about the title, good title, play an important role, next I may focus on how to take the title of the experience.

a lot of people say that now blog weight is not so high, but as long as we have proved their help, work method should insist to do. The blog is difficult to support may be the fact that the blog weight is not by a few days a month can be set up, if I want to work immediately loses the blog function, in fact, everything is a test of our perseverance and determination.

we take Sina blog as an example, it is hoped to make some publicity through hot blog, didn’t think it would bring us the weight and potential customers and visitors. We are the site construction company, is our direct blog title keyword named "Shenzhen website + URL" blogger, I just write the name "website construction", of course, can also be added in the name of the company, and then head to set the company’s logo, as far as possible the use of Limited resources to maximize the effect.

today, I simply share Jinghang technology is how to manage the blog, how to let the blog have a higher weight transfer to our master, but also play the role of brand promotion, in fact, have the effect really many.

blog home page plate, also pay attention to. Before we are all the function blocks on it, in fact, this is not good, especially the music player, or other pictures of the link, of course, but these will affect the blog open speed, we will be like the web site optimization, optimization of our blog, the style is concise, atmospheric. The necessary template is Links, about us, can transfer the weight, increase the chain, but also enhance the blog user experience, easy to potential customers and visitors to click on our main website.


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