Expert teach you to solve the website ranking stagnation in the 2-3 page problem

website ranking old arrest in the 2-3 page, many webmaster always make such a sound. The website ranked in the 2, 3 pages and in the page is completely two concepts, from 2, 3 pages to the home page is a big leap. In the optimization of mobile phone lottery software site, I would encounter such a problem, the old residence in 2, ranked 3, but is not suspended in midair, to the home page, not to mention the first 4. To the rank of the website have a big breakthrough, I made a careful analysis of their own website on the Internet at the same time, looking for any such solution. Below I will share my research structure.

on the analysis of the competition site, I have a profound experience. In fact, whether it is mobile phone lottery software or other types of sites, the optimization method is similar, the focus is on how to complete the quality, can also be said who pay more attention to the details of the things who can succeed. So the website optimization to see who is doing better, for we all know.

chain is a common not in ordinary work. But every one of the release of the chain platform, release method is different, so the effect is not the same, the same is released outside the chain, why do people effect better than me, this is we need to rethink the problem. The chain is released platform and released the contents of the most important, these two aspects determine the chain of. In contrast to my competitors.

every day everyone in the update article, but the quality of each update is different. Take my lottery to update the site situation, the article is updated, the original degree also has, but competitors and a website user experience, found that he did better than me. I updated the purpose of the article is to optimize and update, never pay attention to user experience problems. This point I have to say the competitors better than I do, the original does not say, but also is useful to the user, and the update cycle is longer than me, the average daily update 1-2, looked at the time for 2 months. Look at my mobile phone lottery software 贵族宝贝91ccx贵族宝贝/soft/cprj.html site, just 1 months, no update in the original article, began the original artifacts. So the update is a period of time, such as for website ranking stable, gradually reduce the update, also can’t just stop updating.

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website ranking in the 2-3 page, shows that the optimization method of the website, the website itself is not much problem. In the method that I solve mobile phone lottery software sites, the first analysis of the ranking on the home page of the rival site, from the analysis of weights, its website domain name, website structure, website update time period, the quality, the chain release etc.. To believe that a competitor’s site ranked in the home, there must be what better place than we optimize. In depth analysis of the competition site, to avoid weaknesses, combined with our optimization method.


2, released the chain



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