No bid to promote the transformation effect analysis of less reason

, 4), matching mode setting control: some companies set up dead, show little chance, have almost no opportunity to show, match the settings recommended first test run, wide flow increased traffic and then increase the amount of transformation.

third, budget

Conversion of

3), without geographical restrictions: advertising in the region to promote the launch of potential customers, advertising has not been well demonstrated and transformation, it will also cause the transformation of small amount.

The loss outweighs the gain.!!

1, the show is not.

2), online consulting problems: some companies do not pay attention to the problem of tool online consultation is not perfect and set the advertising or consultation window frequently lead to invalid consulting increase, not necessarily frequent out consultation window is good advice transformation, because the user has not read the relevant content directly by the window directly sent you frequently direct, leave, this is called

1), page: the page open speed too slow or error, good ideas, good location is the landing page keywords not open, it is invalid clicks, resulting in transformation also has the suggestions on how to check and test whether every website can open or open speed, stable and safe service for for the purchase of business space, improve access speed.

, the first set of limited

second, LP

3), the content page to open and normal visit, but the content and ideas of keywords is not the user wants wide of the mark, and the purchase of desire is not strong and other factors will also greatly contributed to the transformation of the decline, the auction is not a person, but a team operation results.

(extended no less analytical thinking effect graph transformation)

2), that is put in time without reasonable distribution and utilization, at an inappropriate time though traffic is large, but the time has now been suspended, it will greatly reduce the chance of eventually affect the conversion result show less reason, proposed time setting can be broad, attention can be set almost certain unit the entire account of the time.

bidding is common in many auction enterprises less, because the pursuit of interests or the rate of return on investment, just want to get return is the interests of business thinking, here SEM actual network old Lu reasons for promotion effect on Transformation of no little analysis:

Time limit:

1), insufficient budget: a budget mainly manifested in the lack of funds invested, the business is not strong enough to lead to budget accounts or plan unit inside is not enough, resulting in advertising show advance off the assembly line, this is not even the opportunity to show, in this case how the budget is less to make the case for effective advertising, real SEM network old Lu: adjust the allocation, transfer and other means using suspended distribution on the budget, the effective time can increase the budget to obtain effective display and conversion.


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