About the website home page second analysis of the phenomenon of love Shanghai

if you have encountered such a situation, then do not rejoice, you want to check to the website of the true ranking, suggested using the related query toolbar, in order to obtain the correct ranking, don’t love Shanghai a personalized experience blinded.

this personalized experience is through what principle do, will not involve privacy issues, this has yet to be understood, this paper just is the ranking problems are discussed.

through the analysis, we found that this should be the typical love Shanghai personalized experience, love Shanghai through the statistics of daily users click on the website, found specific website users frequently visit, then according to the needs of users, will give the site better ranking, which is usually ranked in the second place, but the result is just the user’s own computer to see the results, while others may not see the same results, if you love Shanghai account login, then the probability of this happening more.

here are some of my doing some found station and analysis, these are mainly for the love of Shanghai, my last article "how to use the Sohu micro-blog Tencent micro-blog for the site to increase the chain" is also found on some of my micro-blog chain, also hope to give beginners some tips.

with these doubts, I change the browser test, 360 browser, Maxthon browser, IE9 browser testing is second bits, and replaced by the Firefox found that ranking and restore the previous ranking, after two months of the station, this domain name website best ranked sixth in the IE core browser in the second row is this why? The reason is not cached, then clear the cache, or found that, further examination found that his love of Shanghai account login, then quit your love Shanghai account, while eliminating cookie, the re search of Rongcheng Information Port found this keyword ranking and restore the previous ranking the.

I was running a local station in Rongcheng harbor, the day before yesterday at noon the main search keyword discovery site ranked second, so confused, the domain name rcxxg is registered in the 2011.03.01, the official opening of the website in mid April, a new station in what may look in the second row, and Shanghai to study new sites and love period.

site optimization is a long process, if suddenly ranked a leap, is not necessarily a good thing, especially for the new station, railway station, not to optimize excessive, with optimized traces is powerful, like the Rongcheng information port is.

love Shanghai for each stationmaster is love and hate, love is because she can bring traffic to the site, traffic would have income, hate is because of her impermanence, algorithm may constantly change, the website today in the first place, but second days due to her Not the least trace was found., in the domestic position. Is mainly for the optimization of the webmaster more search engines like me are always concerned about my site in Shanghai love ranking.


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