The main measures to enhance the effect of Web site optimization decision

vertical industry user groups you choose is too small, it can effectively reduce the optimization difficulty, but even the website promotion to first love Shanghai, but there is no corresponding user to search, also have an important impact on the future development of the site will not. So we must carefully analyze the main groups of the industry in the decision-making stage, and as a basis for the following details of the decision.

a site during operation can be realized, the key is to look at the decision is correct or not, if we can in the decision-making process of the many details are taken into account, we can make the latter optimization with the correct program, to continue to adhere to the development of ideas. We will be able to make site optimization success. So how to make correct decision website? I think we can start construction from the following aspects:

second, to design the keywords according to the needs of industry users group. The core keywords of a website with the outline of the button function. At the same time also have a profound impact on the future of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Because in the subsequent operation and maintenance process, the optimization object workers work is the core keywords, although the core keyword can be derived from a lot of long tail keywords, but if the core keywords competition degree is extremely high, so also on the long tail keywords fierce degree of influence. On the other hand if the core keywords competition degree is very low, so even without the need for accurate positioning of the long tail keywords. From this point of view, a reasonable choice of the core keywords, to the optimization of the follow-up work is very important.

third, the contents of the corresponding planning. In the decision to site, for the latter part of the contents of the overall planning. Because of the success of a website, richness and website content and to help users undoubtedly play a very important role. Or to the medical personnel website as an example.

But if the size of

first, choose what you want to do scale vertical industry user groups. This is actually a website localization problem. Do you have a website, you should also have a corresponding group of customers. Especially to do vertical industry users, because now that the door wide apartment layout groups cover site, although very wide, but it is very difficult to succeed. Using the vertical operation mode can effectively reduce competition, so it can be better to optimize the size of the base of the.

in the design of the site long tail keywords, must be closely combined with the industry you need service requirements of users, and then to optimize their core keywords. For example, you want to make a vertical industry websites, for example, now with the development of private hospitals, medical personnel needs explosive growth, so can medical talent network this vertical industry to fierce competition of talents alienation website, thus effectively avoiding the fierce competition of talent network, but also can avoid the other many popular business talent website competition is the problem of low. In order to enhance the site in the latter part of the profit space.

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