mitation foreign trade station of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis


Shanghai dragon is often the details determine success or failure, when you and competitors well-matched in strength. Sometimes it depends on the details of the win, I just find the imitation station obviously did not pay attention to the use of H1 tag, H1 tag should be used here and the best Home for the main keywords, to do the Shanghai dragon around a word:

what is the URL standard, we can go to love Shanghai. For example: I use 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/ as a standard of the domain name, this is the place in the site so I each site, when outside the station optimization in the site will use the URL as the standard URL, but not the other url. The benefits of doing so is to let our website weight is more concentrated, at the same time, we can also do every little detail, for example, are unified with URL / back "".

solution: Shanghai Dragon Staff and website programmers, web graphic communication, because many programmers or artists do not understand Shanghai dragon. This can be designed to meet the standard of "search engine optimization.

fourth: the other page in the anchor text, a >

A common problem:

common problem two: URL standard (usually long)

Optimization of product foreign trade station like

because the author did the imitation foreign trade station optimization, in fact, imitation foreign trade station optimization is outside the chain, update the station. Now is the most difficult to choose the right products and key words (including the long tail word), the more competitive keywords in the short term do not go up. A foreign trade companies usually do N website, these stations are basically copying the template. Art design first few pages then began to apply, some directly copied peer website, a logo OK


website template can be copied, but the best to change, you can do a few sets of templates. Or try to do some boutique station.

and other industry websites are very different, imitation station optimization relatively short period. Sometimes use black hat techniques, but is certainly pure black hat will be punished Google. So the imitation foreign trade station Shanghai dragon are "not black not white hat, no nonsense, to the point. At present, many fake foreign trade station specific circumstances, the author summarizes the following points.

third: the content of the page, repeated the keywords, and in the first time.

: the first keyword appears in the title of the current page.

website template copy


did not pay attention to details

second: the current page Keywords tag, description tag in the keyword appears.

common problem three:


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