How to make the station on the chain

the construction of the chain also need regular quantitative


is to strengthen the construction of the chain, we can learn in the medium, we must first improve the quantity, and then go to the selection of high-quality platform. As long as suitable for enterprise related platforms are we on the outside of the chain base, such as for the website construction service website, can go to the classified information platform, station platform, business yellow pages business website platform, portal site blog platform, industry website platform to launch our chain content. But in the choice of these platforms, each platform we can preferably love Shanghai before 5 to 10 pages of the website, all to do. This approach is to let our chain is widely distributed in a variety of platforms, avoid single chain construction. We have a lot of time to do, need to pay attention to what the platform requirements are quite strict and which platform for content audit, which included faster platform ranking ability is relatively strong, the only us delivery chain content in order to have a clear judgment. These understanding, we can focus on those included fast, good platform, stick to it, in order to increase the depth of the chain. Of course, other platforms will also continue to do, but frequency can be longer, can expand the breadth of the chain. When content delivery, should pay attention to only text links can be, on one hand the platform may not allow anchor text or hyperlinks, on the other hand, even if can keep the weight is very low. As long as we carefully, to find all kinds of search engine platform, as long as love, and also certain user groups, we will release our information, let website exposure.

platform should reach

"station on the chain" is well known in the Shanghai dragon, a more clear explanation for the station ranking and traffic on the chain. Why is there such an argument? Small website content and website natural cannot be compared to those doors and apartment layout, because the products and Services Limited, expansion of the content on the website is very poor. Therefore, to rely on massive content promote website ranking is not realistic. The us the most simple way is through the construction of the chain to improve the ranking of strong.


chain construction and content construction, also need quantitative timing. Because of the small and medium-sized web content does not need to be updated every day, so the construction of the chain will occupy a relatively large period of time. In this period, we must plan reasonable arrangements for work, not to.

recently with the escalating love Shanghai algorithm, for the chain of audit is more and more disciplined, outside the chain of tools to provide us with the love of Shanghai, can also help us to effectively carry out the construction of the chain. Although love Shanghai to fight the hyperlink cheating, but for the majority of small and medium-sized sites, we can’t go to touch the search engine’s bottom line, but to the formal legal construction of the chain. This point is clearly needed before the construction of the chain. Below, and we explore how to improve the web site outside of the chain.


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