On the web site of the station outside the station optimization method

on how to optimize the site, because before I had contact with the site optimization, have to try this article, but this information is still small. Personal analysis there are two reasons, one is less to do site navigation; the two is for the promotion of Web site will generally choose Internet cafes and cooperation, will set our web site as the default page, or cooperation with software vendors will be our site binding to software, when the software is installed on the user’s computer will be our site set to the default page the user’s browser, etc.. We can see that in the early web site promotion may allow the user to generate resentment. So the most people can achieve the promotion of Web site of the Shanghai dragon means. Of course, all kinds of Web site optimization methods are different, the method can only play a role.

1, whether to link with the nofollow tag


customers generally have a lot of classification, we take 123 as an example, there is life, entertainment and other places, and in the plate, the plates has directory three level four. We first need to classify our web site, the classification of reality. Of course, our site as well.



station optimization

3 directory page set

Nofollow function of the label must have a lot of optimization personnel are very clear, nofollow is directly with the search engine that under its links with the relationship between the weight of the transfer site. As customers we will inevitably face to add nofollow tags to hesitate, if not, will the site weight loss, if added, can make our site become active, no other power driven site to join our site. In the author’s point of view is not add nofollow tags, but we add each other in the premise of the site links to each other is the site we need to add a chain site. In order to make the weight of our site is not up too much. Of course, we will increase the workload, we regularly review and check each other site if we removed the link

site is different from the conventional site, because the content is derived from the web site, so many links, but the actual content is relatively small, that on this issue, I think we can optimize the station outside the station and from several aspects.


regardless of the content or web site general station, keywords, title, description tag site is still very important. This one we absolutely can not be ignored, it will do good to optimize our effort.

, the 2 set of keywords


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