All the time, why don’t start a business

now seems to be talking about the Internet entrepreneurs all over the country, look at the public space around, look at the policy support for entrepreneurs around, look at a variety of entrepreneurial incubation base, entrepreneurial incubator. Go out to meet, if you do not talk about the issue of entrepreneurship, you are embarrassed to say that they are Internet practitioners.

why are all the people in the business? Even ZF are calling on the people to participate. Yesterday also saw the news, some city, have a business license, organization code, tax registration cards in one company, simplify the registration process. It is said that now open a company only 30 thousand yuan on it.

and find a special agent to help companies registered, it seems that hundreds of pieces will be able to run a company. Standing at the national level, entrepreneurship is very conducive to national development, but also to reduce the pressure of employment. You want to, ah, there are companies have to go to work, some people can not go to work to increase employment, and their own business, then do not reduce the pressure on employment? Do not have to grab resources with others!

before I have a lot of friends to persuade me to open a company, said Dongyang ah, you now have a certain influence, and open a company, so that the development of faster, and more likely to grow.

but why don’t I want to start a business?

1 does not have the talent of entrepreneurs

why do I say that entrepreneurs should also pay attention to talent? I do not believe in the talent of this thing, I think people may later efforts, the same can catch up or make up for the lack of heaven. However, the experience has been, and slowly I found that the original, this thing is still the need for talent.

why do you say that, because I have a few friends around to start a business, but the results are failures. Why did this happen? I talked to them later, and I got to know something about the past. I found that the venture also has something to do with talent. May not be absolute, but I do not have this talent.

I asked them, has up to now, have not done business? Even stall too! There is no through small business to earn money? Even dozens of pieces can be considered! There is no one wanted to do poineering work, never thought to work


the answer is very uniform.

and I don’t have that talent. In 2010, I would like to use Taobao to sell virtual goods. Later, my classmates bought a software, the name seems to be called the fifth generation. Is the mobile phone recharge, selling points open what, automatic delivery.

Taobao store opened less than three days, I was cheated by the ocean of the 400. Why would I be cheated? That guy shot, there is no payment, the result, I was to give people a cell phone recharge 4 times, a time of 100. That said there was no money, and I show that the recharge is over, I also have a problem outside the system.



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