Public comment Zhang Tao past successful experience may be the next step to become the root cause of

1, the development of node

When the

in 2003 and 2004, and I am the only one technician in the website. It was more like a personal website, in 2005, when three other friends to join, we began to operate the company.

from now to see when we play fairly robust, without too much of a powerful and unconstrained style. In fact, the development of early public comment mainly rely on these three nodes:

The first

node in 2003~2005, it took almost two years to verify "produced by the online user reviews the content of this mode is practicable, and then from Shanghai copy to the other city, from catering copied to other industries. After the success of the verification, in 2005 the company began to formally introduce senior management team, mainly in the field of finance, marketing, are my good friends.

second nodes: 2006 coupons are also considered nodes, and later proved to be a good model. This year we completed the first round of financing, also began to do more business model discussion.

third nodes: the rise of the mobile Internet in 2009 with the emergence of group buying in 2010.

in the public comment through business logic is lean startup mode. Our entrepreneurial team is not doing a great deal of time, all of a sudden to find a lot of people, when we also refused to invest more money investors want. We are concerned to how a business idea into a real product, this process includes products, revised the initial products after a time to let the user experience to the user, so that the final product of the entrepreneurial team to tell the direction is right or wrong.

in general, the product is easy to make a big mistake is too many features, too complicated, too long cycle. Now some mature products, including Jobs’s original apple series is, we must make it simple, must be able to quickly replace.

so the public comment is just the beginning of positioning, a small site can not be too complicated. Our starting point is the restaurant, but only a city in Shanghai, Beijing was started in 2004 of May, and Guangzhou, Hangzhou was started in 2005. The initial choice of a smaller entry point and focus on it, this is an important factor in the success of entrepreneurship.

of course, public comment can grow up there are many external factors, then also in the Internet business "winter", there are no major competitors, so we are not too strong, mainly because not many people are interested in the sector, not optimistic about this model, so we can smoothly through the start-up period.

2, as early as two years we must not live

‘s previous success may be the root cause of the next failure, some things can only be done at a specific time, two years before it does not work, the last two years will not work.

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