Why are they so obsessed with social networking from nternet giants to entrepreneurs

Abstract: these walls are really interesting. At first you hate it, then you get used to it. After a certain amount of time, you will rely on it.


in the Internet industry, whether it is a giant or entrepreneur, have dreamed of cutting a hole from the social entrance, the achievement of a social Empire dream. But the difficulty of this dream can be imagined. WeChat made a shake, unfamiliar street early models Peiliao, most pieces began to let their employees to take a taxi, Alipay now quietly on the line of life circle, exudes youth hormone white-collar diary and a number of large scale campus diary Jingxian female students and white-collar portrait. Alipay is a variable pay Bao noisy on the dust.

early in 2015 on the eve of the Spring Festival, Alipay red had blocked WeChat later, Ali launched an emergency "red password" function to prevent the blocked again. Today, the Spring Festival and approaching, Alipay’s natural anxiety as can be imagined.

from the Internet giant to entrepreneurs: people are obsessed with social

in fact, from the point of view of the history of the Internet, not just Ali want to do social, from the giants to entrepreneurs, almost want to catch the rapid development of large-scale social express. In recent years, mobile phone APP presents the development social bursting, although there have been data show that 100 of the death of APP, accounting for 35% of the highest social class, social class APP mortality, but still can not stop the entrepreneur to various vertical segments of the APP social entrepreneurship tide. A search in all kinds of application market, the main female bestie, gay social, social city social, social, social, meal about 90 social picture and so on all kinds of social software emerge in an endless stream.

early in 2010 during the 3Q war, the Tencent hit one of two cards, or uninstall 360, or uninstall QQ, people may have forgotten a detail, when many portals and Internet giant game companies and entrepreneurs have quickly launched their own instant messaging software to use public opinion to build momentum, an attempt to seize and transfer QQ the user, but ultimately failed.

"Pokemon Go" this year but the fire also draws on social ideas, they summarized it can become a key cause of the explosion is that it is a motion artifact Indoorsman urged out to exercise the. Game developers also hope that through the power of fans, the game player is driven by a wizard driven outdoor social and fitness culture.

sang it, POPs are social direction once the main partial entertainment, can import existing relationships chain, hoping to quickly form a gathering of friends circle entertainment culture, but also the basic little effect.

When the United States Uber, Lyft,

had just swept the domestic drops once thought the main social, allowing users to make friends with the driver, even once the birth of a number of carpool software, allowing users to develop new social relationships in a taxi in the process, such as the original Lyft announced an increase in the application of user data >


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