Multiplayer online collaboration tools together to get Kingsoft WPS strategic investment

sina science and technology news on September 9th morning news, online collaboration tools project recently announced the establishment of the Pre-A round of strategic investment, the investment side of Jinshan WPS, the specific amount is not disclosed. Previously, together with the creation of the capital has been 4 million yuan angel angel capital investment.

wrote together was founded in 2014, March 2015 the official online multiplayer online real-time collaborative office products, with documents, forms, presentation, drawing board, form a series of products, currently has 800 thousand users, and 2 enterprise users. In addition, the needle for enterprise users in employee management, document control and other aspects of the demand, together with the introduction of the enterprise edition.

founder team, founder Cai Jian from Google enterprise software team, Google headquarters has eight years of work experience. Participated in the big data framework and tools for MapReduce, Google+ Google Data, founder of the API project. Co founder Jiang Renkuan also comes from Google, a major member of the Google input method.

at present, online collaboration is becoming a popular trend in office products, it is interesting that Apple’s autumn conference, also launched a special iWork based multiplayer online collaboration. (Li Gen)


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