After 80 entrepreneurs 2015 tangled in the stick and return

some years later, when looking back again after 80 entrepreneurs public venture in 2015, will start work by Feng Xiaogang issued "a sigh" the feeling of


/ reporter Chen Junling

"scenes of the opening drum, one after another ending elegy, now have gone with the wind, only the gentle sigh in my heart." Several years later, when 80 entrepreneurs look back again the public business in 2015, will also start work by Feng Xiaogang issued "a sigh" the feeling of


2015, a large number of 80 people in the workplace to quit the job, join the public venture, the highly innovative era torrent "– they want financial freedom, more eager to achieve; they may shed sweat, without fear of winter capital; or they own, or join the entrepreneurial team; some of them have failed to return to the successful financing in high and vigorous spirits, workplace…… Although their entrepreneurial path is different, but they want to go further.

in the past year, the reporter continued to track and record a number of 80 entrepreneurs, most of them born grassroots, there is not much to be dependent on the background. However, as a group of young entrepreneurs, they experienced the same passion and blood, bitterness and confusion, in the face of the capital they accidentaly across the winter, there have been wandering and persistent.

entrepreneurs "winter fireplace"

a deep winter haze, several colleges and universities of science and engineering graduate students 80 entrepreneurs gathered in Shijiazhuang, some of them from the entrepreneurial shrine in Shenzhen, some from Jiangsu and Zhejiang commercial atmosphere, and initiated the party and the host is a classmate, after graduating from Shenzhen, from Beijing, after Shijiazhuang rooted entrepreneurs Li Nan.

this time to convene a few students to the stone party, one is not seen for many years to contact the feelings, the two is to calm down to talk about the market, inspired ideas." Born in 1981, Li Nan said, although in 2015 is considered the most successful year of their own business, but he felt a never confused.

exactly, 2015 is the third year of Li Nan’s resignation. In 2012, an accidental opportunity to communicate, inspired him determined to focus on the hospital a pain point of business, from the first year revenues of hundreds of thousands, but second millions of years, and last year, he is less than ten small companies have done more than tens of millions of revenue.

and other just walk through the life and death line entrepreneurs similar to Li Nan’s current troubles is that he can not keep up with the entrepreneurial team of the pace of development of the company. If entrepreneurship at the beginning of the "period", a "long board" will be able to blaze a battlefield, but entered the "flying", a short board may be relevant to the company and.


Li Nan developed medical software belong to new things, and each hospital has no affiliation with each other, if you want to enter the hospital, not in the wine on the table "tour market", he said only last year, he would not drink "fragments" under 20>


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