To the nternet entrepreneurs first – overview of nternet companies to create the exit process

editor’s note: Steve Andriole is a professor of business technology at Villanove University, Professor of strategic technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. He has done a lot of research in technology management, social media, analytics, cloud computing and technology adoption. He has published 33 books on information technology, technology trends and business technology management. The latest book was published in the fall of 2014, entitled "Ready Technology: New Business Technologies" (CRC Press) (Fast-Tacking). He also serves as a technical adviser to the company and the government, as well as a director, founder or co-founder of several technology companies.

at the beginning of 2016, let us remember the truth and consequences of the illness.

this article belongs to the Internet business entrepreneurs, a series of articles aimed at the Internet entrepreneurs to introduce a set of reverse investors on entrepreneurship, construction, the best way out of Internet companies.

the purpose of this article is to help you warm up, ready to read the following article.

you may know that there are two books that can help you create a digital baby, and continue to develop. The characteristics of the first book is a large number of entrepreneurs from "big brothers" articles, templates and the YouTube video, introduces how to promote your ideas? How to finance? How will the company to the market? How to win back like Elon like Musk

?There are a lot of books

first course only based on individual experience, can be a real reason for success but write less and less. I particularly like the failure of the "Capitalists Venture" (zombie Zombie investors), lectures, presided over the webinar. I guess the reason they’ve been on the road is that they have nothing to do but charge management fees to disappointed investors.


first set of books stored in the hands of zombies and bosses.

second sets of books from combat, unprocessed entrepreneurs survival handbook. What entrepreneurs want to know is what is really going to be the power of their ideas, their money, and their plans to quit, and what they should expect.

Internet enterprise creation, construction and exit process overview

let’s take a look at what’s wrong with those bad books.

Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together. Others will according to your expert evaluation of your friends and family background, so it must be good, good people together; as little as possible and stupid "idiot" Professor U and dealing with those who fail; try not to associate with the risk of investors, entrepreneurs, Dumb Angle.



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