Website promotion word of mouth publicity is very important, can not be ignored

CNNIC’s previous statistical reports show that the search engine links to other sites are the way to know new users of the site, the importance of the search engine continues to increase, corresponding to a related project and also the statistical report, in "the most used Internet service option, users select" the search engine "the proportion is increasing year by year. There is an important fact about ways to get a new user’s website has received little attention, that between users are introduced, in the survey is divided into two options: "friends, classmates, colleagues and friends" Introduction "". There is no substantial difference between the two, just a slight difference between the user relationship.

the user that the main way of the new website is2002.1 2002.7 2003.1 2003.7

57.5% 76.3% 82.2% 84.6% 85% search engines

? These data reflect an important message: propaganda is an important method of a new website promotion ofreputation. What are the characteristics of word of mouth? How should the use of word-of-mouth publicity to promote the site? This has become a problem worthy of further study in website promotion methods. Time marketing will focus on this and will conduct the necessary research.


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