How to apply for foreign LEAD alliance to build English website

and lead are interested in focusing on foreign Wangzhuan novice friends, here I will give you an analysis of "Application of foreign CPA alliance with English website how to build English website, I hope you can help.

on how to apply for the union account, there are some ways, here I would like to say is to apply for an alliance with the English site, the other will not discuss the.

a good site, will allow you to apply for a great help when the league, how to build a good site, a lot of new friends in the tangle, here I analyze for you.

domain name: first, stand in the angle of SEO, domain name optimization is an important step to the site of the primary key to select the domain name, with English words or words, words can use " -" cross domain separation, to streamline the best, not long also never mind, after all for foreigners to see, not too big effect. Do English station the best choice is of course.Com at the end of the domain name,.Com English station more commercial and international! Registered.Com domain name to recommend, because it is stable, after also can transfer their domain name to other registrars. Someone suggested going to the novice Taobao registered it, Taobao search "GoDaddy domain name com" will search out many sellers, with consulting the seller on the line, not detailed here.

second, DH space: space is good, independent account more than and 300 yuan a year, no site restriction nor IP restrictions, each site inside the IP space are not the same, especially suitable for our multi number operation, can do more to batch website.

second theme: if we choose to do the CPA alliance, that we have to choose the type of alliance with CPA to promote as the theme of the site, usually with "member" "financial" and "insurance" and "education" as the theme of the site, mostly because the CPA alliance will include a can related to these categories of OFF.

third, the station program: blog with WordPress, the article with Joomla, the forum with vBulletin, which is commonly used in a number of Web sites, the novice is still recommended to use the form of blog. WordPress is a very powerful open source program, templates, plug-ins are very simple to use, can quickly create a beautiful site. On how to use WordPress to build a website, due to limited space, here is not to say, we can use Baidu Search, or to my blog "Heshan training Wangzhuan network to see the establishment of the WordPress article.

fourth, appearance: site layout as beautiful, generous, professional. WordPress template online too much, always find their own website theme, website templates to match your website theme, don’t look at is indecent on the line.



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