Google Adsense phone verification matters needing attention

      Google in the recent increase in telephone verification. There are a lot of people to verify the error. I almost, the third time to succeed. So what should pay attention to it?

      1, if the mobile phone number directly, fill, fixed telephone area code plus the number, do not have mobile phone before and 0, 80 what.

      2, you can choose when to call him, because he is automatically hit, you had better be ready to verify immediately, so that he was not playing when you are still doing something else, maybe happy went.

      3, the verification process to listen to the tone, tone immediately after the input verification code (6 input verification number to speed) and , this time is very important, if only two seconds late, don’t you, even if the input is get wrong. Of course, you can not enter in advance, so it will be wrong.


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