intends to spend $100 million in Shenzhen Qianhai Jintai venture investment company

securities code: 603000 securities referred to: People’s announcement number: pro 2012-010 Limited by Share Ltd on the establishment of Taiwan Investment Company Limited and foreign investment announcement


board of directors and the directors to ensure that this announcement does not contain any false records, misleading statements or material omissions, and its contents bear the authenticity accuracy and completeness of individual and joint liability.

important content tips:

The name

investments: Taiwan Investment Company Limited (the company name has been approved);

The amount of investment and the proportion of

: the company intends to money invested 100 million yuan, accounting for 100% of the registered capital of Taiwan Venture Capital Co. ltd..

an overview of foreign investment

(1) the basic situation of foreign investment

Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "company") intends to cash 100 million yuan, the establishment of venture capital investment in Taiwan Co. Ltd. Shenzhen Qianhai Development Zone, the shareholding ratio of 100%. The foreign investment does not involve related party transactions.

(2) board of directors consideration

October 26, 2012, the company convened the first session of the thirteenth meeting of the board of directors considered and adopted the "on the establishment of the Taiwan venture capital limited motion".

(3) the examination and approval procedures necessary for the entry into force of this investment

the amount of foreign investment in the company’s board of directors within the scope of approval authority, without the approval of the general meeting of shareholders of the company.

two, the basic situation of investment targets

Company name:

Jintai Investment Company Limited (the company name has been approved);

registered capital: 100 million yuan;

registration place: Qianhai Development Zone, Shenzhen,

sources of funding and Investment: the company’s own funds, in the form of monetary funds invested;

investment amount and proportion: RMB 100 million yuan, accounting for the registered capital of 100%;

business scope: direct investment, investment management and consulting.

three, the impact of foreign investment on the company

the purpose of this investment is to maintain competitive advantage through the capital operation of the establishment and main direction of investment is the culture media and the Internet field, the investment company can expand business channels, enhance the company’s future profitability.

four, foreign investment risk analysis

Jintai Investment Company Limited was set up in a short time can not produce significant economic benefits, to the public.


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