Google advertising alliance to help small and medium owners to make money

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, Google (Google) company held in Shanghai 2009GoogleAdSense partner day, sales operations director Zhou Wenbiao Aka Ata revealed in an interview with reporters, from 2005 to 2008, the Google global partner revenue reached $16 billion; and only in 2008 this year, there are $5 billion to Google global partners were divided into, which Chinese stationmaster gains more and more.

now there are a large number of domestic individual owners, profitability is dominated by advertising alliance. With the promotion of domestic small and medium enterprises to promote the network, the profit model of this advertising alliance for the benefit of the owners at the same time, has become a new Blue Ocean network promotion of domestic smes. Prior to this, Google’s vice president of global online sales and operations DavidFischer (Fei Sile) also said he was optimistic about the future development trend of Google in China, in particular, valued the cooperation of many small and medium enterprises Google customers.

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Google online sales and Operations Manager Wang Ying introduced, as an innovative means of network marketing, GoogleAdSense provides a quick and easy way to make money to the world of webmasters: by showing Google ads related with the content of the website in the Union website, can from visitors to advertising click the browse or gain, which allows site traffic into revenue. Since 2005, AdSense has one hundred thousand partners in China, becoming one of the largest online advertising alliance.

in addition, Google also attaches great importance to the characteristics of the local market to product innovation and localization. According to Chinese advertisers and advertising in the form, size and position and other aspects of the different requirements and preferences, and the strong market demand for multimedia and display ads, Google launched a series of tools, make the network more precise positioning advertising, making multi media advertising also make it more convenient. Google AdSense last year launched a growth plan for small and medium partners, according to a site’s growth cycle, Google will provide different customized recommendations. Wang Ying said: "the AdSense is not only a platform will provide revenue, and how to provide better with the Google search engine, how to better design your web site, attract more traffic and users of these solutions, we will be in an advisory role to partner tailored solutions." Zhou Wenbiao said that Google advertising alliance will not be the size of the enterprise owners to share, because in the proportion of Google’s mechanism, there is no human intervention factors.


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