Analysis on operation and profit mode of industry website

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has a million monthly income is no longer a dream!!! Recommend a good website PR value and included in the search engine query tool WO18 effects source station, including various types of strange Code: 2005-1-9 21:15:29 source: network collect business website marketing from mass market gradually shifted to a niche market, Internet companies must challenge the market at a faster way to cope with the new form, in the impact of SARS, the Internet industry is a big turning point, but also the portal site apartment layout presents a big problem, how to deal with the new market segments, while many traditional enterprises in SARS coming performance but the network industry is at a loss, in case of rain, network marketing, website construction, electronic business, do not fry from the fire, most of the SARS sites forming a small fortune, but after the SARS, how to further the portal site To consolidate their advantage is now the largest public relations projects in the entire network industry.

in the new network market, website + channel composite management mode, is the enterprise effective mining market segments, strategic profit model competition. Specific analysis is as follows:

A, what factors influenced the sustainable development of products

1 reasons: lack of three-dimensional structure of website system

website on the lack of systematic planning in the construction stage, not a team of professionals to consider a complete product or industry integration between product function and other products, but with competitors take the same means and strategies, set up a website in a hurry up.

2 reasons: site positioning is not clear

Most of the

3 reasons: the product structure of the website not connected with the comprehensive benefit structure


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