Network legend shopping bags sold 100 million yuan

network is the essence of magic, the network is first of all he is a businessman. Lu Tianyun believes that the most critical element of their success is not the Internet, but the traditional business strategy

Lu Tianyun will be a small shopping bag made out of business, annual sales of over 100 million yuan international trading.


China now has 20 million Internet businesses, to create wealth through the Internet business of hundreds of millions of Internet users, Lu Tianyun story provides the best interpretation of the case.



Lu Tianyun was in the Department of Commerce of a plastic products company, responsible for the procurement of foreign chain sales agency. But his real business began in Alibaba.

a Europe will be full use of Recyclable shopping bags news way to determine the direction of their career day. His "net" is more realistic, venture capital limited, through the traditional mode of entrepreneurship cannot start, and through the Internet e-commerce investment, low starting point. Lu Tianyun decided to give it a try.

December 2001, in English Station Road Tianyun Alibaba released the first of their business information. Over the past 6 months, looked at the Alibaba and other e-commerce platform of the information is concealed in a page and a page, such as a customer without Tianyun road inquiry asking price.

in seventh months, Lu Tianyun finally received a inquiry together. P & G’s shampoo Kao $6000 under orders in the inquiry.

recalled the first single was got, Lu Tianyun still some excitement, "although it is a single number is not big, but it is a rain." Lu Tianyun quickly got orders and Procter & Gamble launched a communication, he would like to know why you, Procter & Gamble inquiry is what, find out on the day the cloud to speak, apparently more important than $6000 order.

in 2003, received a "net" road day since the biggest order: the order Budweiser million packs. At this time, Lu’s friends finally recognized Lu Tianyun’s entrepreneurial model: the Internet can bring real wealth.

out of the Red Sea

from the road, the sky through the most difficult period, the rapid development of online business. In 2003 October, Lu Tianyun established international courier, made its own brand suppliers.

Internet has never lacked the ability to copy, in the end of 2002 to early 2003, domestic manufacturers began to imitate the road shopping bags business. By the end of 2004, there were already 8000 competing vendors in China


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