Entrepreneurship 6 cold facts money will spend the creative ceiling

entrepreneurship is a passion and need to keep the rational thing. Not only rely on perseverance can be successful. No matter how much chicken soup, but also for a sale. Big to a company’s success, the success of a small product, are the result of many factors. At least money, planning, teamwork, creativity, operations, strain indispensable.

has a good plan to obtain financing in hot areas, to attract a young team, make an innovative product, the company hired us to do brand marketing in the current business environment, these are not difficult, but it looks very warm and successful achievements are not directly equate. Beginning millet thought, need in the passion of the warm, clear understanding of these six seemingly cold fact.

first, more money will be spent one day

math is a strange thing, especially about money. A start-up company often has an extra cost, but it is difficult to have extra income. In order to successful financing for successful node business environment, to hold excessive patience and quick profit is the same as the extreme. Two kinds of extreme negative effects are not directly. Plenty of money and patience can easily lead to thinking swings.

is a successful product in the capital market and the consumer market success. In any case, access to cash flow through the consumer market is the top priority of private enterprises. It is evident to anyone reason, before the money in the end who is expected profitable thing. Before that, how to spend money is also an important issue. The necessary expenses are inherent in any industry, is not the province million, for example on some equipment industry, "to do good work, will benefit its", for some value to the industry image and so on, and can not cash expenditure as far as possible without.

primary enterprises to cash flow, intermediate companies to solidify assets, senior corporate investment in the future, which is a common phenomenon. In fact, any enterprise must invest, invest in consumer awareness. Buried to do a good job is the necessary cost of the product, but the private enterprise to do the product simply do not engage in marketing can be profitable, it is a myth. Only spend money on product research and development that call overhead, do marketing for approved products is consumer investment. Neither apple or millet, that any good product is King brand marketing, they are generous. In addition, the team is also investment.

second, and then plan to improve the need to repair

can’t do without a plan, but not a plan for once and for all.

a lot of people who do not have a direct career experience, a variety of business concepts are not familiar with, like a thick business plan, obsessed with the prophet. Nobody can give you a call to the peak of the industry leader and kit, detailed plan will not be applicable to the execution of 100%. So Mr Wang Yangming’s "unity" is widely accepted.

any of the industry’s business leaders, are not necessarily industry experts, and industry professionals


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