Mobile APP business is more difficult to succeed is not easy

Sohu IT news Beijing time on July 12th news, in the past, the growth in the mobile field regardless of the method used.

once upon a time, there was a formula to win on the mobile:

1, the development of super good things.

2, let apple Google help you, in the launch of a good PR.

3, watch your APP climb up the charts.

4, buy some cheap installed capacity, to further promote the development process.

5, wait for success.

in the past few years, this is very effective, the effect is very good, for the new start-up companies, independent developers, the method is particularly effective. Slowly this method fails, there is no substitute for it. Although you all expect a richer, more mobile ecosystem, mobile growth opportunities, but in the field of mobile achieved early success more and more difficult.

it’s just a matter of time. As I said before, all of the marketing strategies will slow down. In marketing, the first winner (at least initially, so) if you develop some new stuff, with some small promotion strategy, we will have to respond, whether you are creative, or buy a channel to promote. But in the end, your strategy is the best way to run the industry, and the response is down because your customers are used to it.

in the mobile channel to promote the success of APP, history is always repeated. Today we will discuss how the ecological system is mature, it includes some aspects: APP program store competition, the cost of CPI (Cost Per Installs), change to edit, change and overall investment trend.

1, a larger program store, product differentiation is more difficult.

first look at the most obvious changes: APP significantly increased the number of. From 2009 to 2010, the success of APP is now facing 4-8 times of competition.

whether you develop a photo program, or the development of shopping, information, local, movies, news programs, all fields have the best quality competitors waiting for 2-3. For the new mobile developers, the target is no longer the first round of the APP into the amateur. Today, it’s even harder.

the following figure shows that the number of APP growth:

2, the cost of each installation is rising

initially, the purchase of APP installed capacity is relatively cheap. You have many options to buy from a mobile ad network, or to buy a free APP service every day, etc.. More importantly, there was not a large number of enterprises to buy, so the price is relatively low.

now, the price of each installation is rising like a rocket, one is due to


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