The value of advertising alliance website alliance suddenly enlarged

DCCI Internet data center research found that, due to the major changes in the online advertising industry, the website alliance / advertising alliance has become the largest online advertising market variables. Network alliance, advertising operators, may become the largest resource gezonglianheng, the largest Internet Co. At present, many participating, related cooperation, investment, mergers and acquisitions are very active, many enterprises suddenly rise.

website alliance / advertising alliance will become the largest online advertising market variables. Due to the high degree of media expansion and the selectivity of media types, the website alliance will be a great challenge to a single website.

website alliance / advertising alliance to become the leader in the online advertising market, the need to move from the passive web site alliance to the active site alliance. Passive Web Alliance refers to the union of web media advertising can only passively accept the audience access, can not achieve effective precision marketing; active site alliance refers to the alliance in the web media can take the initiative, and the effective distribution of targeted advertising network to the relevant audience. At present, most of the site alliance is only in the passive site alliance, and active site alliance, such as Google Adsense, from the point of view, the initiative to deliver advertising to the appropriate audience.



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