On the nternet about entrepreneurship, and other products

No time to extend a long article, just write a few feelings.

1, the beginning of the project, to consider a good profit model – how to make money

2, little mention of the concept, no matter what stage in the web, the product only for customers (Internet users) to provide useful services, it is possible to succeed

3, a business is basically a personal talk

4, don’t wait for the perfect product is released, it is important to seize the initiative

5, once it is decided, do it immediately, with the highest efficiency

6, technology is not the most important

7 every day, read and listen to the information industry, summed up, it will make you every week a new inspiration

8, not the people around you are optimistic about your project (product)

9, please have a choice with the people around to discuss your ideas, not because they can not say, but with "Web" that is to write "people talk about the Internet is wasting your time

10, do not blindly follow the trend of the project

11, the best learning network marketing theory, to know how to use the Internet to promote their own

12, know how to give up, when you see someone stronger than you do, and they do not have the strength

13, a restless mind, you can do it!


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