Several types of network to make money to recommend novice friends to understand

a lot of contact stiffness contact Wangzhuan friends, see all kinds of online ads dizzy, one will see this that make money, one will see that that money, tossing to and fro, finally did not earn a penny, in fact, the so-called project, it is free Wangzhuan several classes to contain, novice first you have to choose a class of its own, and then work hard to learn, to study, insist on doing it to make money, not today in this class, then a final tomorrow, each contact, but are not proficient in everything.

look at the following about it:

survey Wangzhuan

this kind of money is done through a number of platforms to do the questionnaire, whether through your questionnaire clearance, given a certain commission, this model is relatively stable money, but relatively tired. If you choose this, it is recommended to go abroad to do some investigation stations, do not understand English, simple, Google browser to help you solve.

click Wangzhuan

click on the others to get revenue through advertising, the price is very low, but you can get paid by the way to pull off the assembly line, a little less, but hundreds of thousands of people every day many, generally 10-20 advertising, can do a few sites, the need to do Wangzhuan do the protracted psychological preparation. This is generally not recommended to do, take effect slowly, a long time, I have seen hundreds of friends do this kind of a few months, there are some friends, do is foreign stations, cheating and pull off the assembly line, multi account multi site operations.

online voting

through the main task of the publisher’s request to vote, to get a commission, but the Commission is also relatively low, generally suitable for novice to do.

surfing Wangzhuan

this relatively simple, registered to enter a URL account after the hook can be used to be a very good project, but as of now join the increase in price reduction has been declining.

software agent

through the sale of other software, so as to get a good income, so choose a good software is the key, but also need to have some marketing skills.


shop Wangzhuan


I don’t have to dwell on, is to open shop, but need to supply it, but also have certain advantages, such as low product prices, product monopoly, new product style and so on, now in the market for Taobao, if you do not have some advantage that others do not, it is difficult to survive.

online gameThe rise of the

industry relatively early, but only in recent years has become the scale, by playing games or equipment and coins sold to the game player to gain, now set up many studios, some others have sold, leveling, and even scold!!!



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