Exploring the development strategy of e-commerce in small and medium sized enterprises

E-commerce refers to the realization of the electronic trading activities, is refers to the transaction between the parties (including the enterprise and enterprise, between enterprises and consumers) by using modern information technology and computer network, in accordance with certain standards for all kinds of business activities, electronic commerce is a kind of business activity using the modern information technology era. Small and medium-sized enterprises mainly engaged in general consumer goods, small scale, product variety, in line with the characteristics of network marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises; at the same time, due to more simply, than large enterprises in personnel management, easy adjustment, convenient management, rapid implementation of the new marketing concept and not by the original enterprise culture bound, can quickly adapt to the trend of the times to update the concept of operation; and the technical basis, the electronic commerce practical basis and enormous economic benefits. Therefore, many small and medium-sized enterprises are eager or have already begun to try.

"from them." indeed, most companies are not profitable, and even some have been closed. In some areas of mature conditions, network marketing has brought significant economic benefits. The polarization of the situation and the reason is more complex, it must be from the enterprise’s own situation, the whole social environment and other aspects of analysis and research, pointing out the problem, and then to conduct strategic research.


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